The moment I wake up

The moment I wake up after a night sleep…it starts my day …mostly the sun is never there…but there’s a mild light in my room. My house is adjacent to highway …very rarely there’s silence…still I chant sanskrit mantra Karagre Vasati Laxmi which been taught to me since I learnt to speak….since when I was born I had the habit of sleeping at 6pm and getting up at 5am or 6am so.

The first thing I do when I get up from is wash my face with water and drink a little cold water . Standing in the window and enjoying the fresh morning breeze on my face is one of my favourite things. The sounds of vehicles passing by never stops …very rarely chirping of a sparrow is heard…when the highway is silent. The city is still to wake up.

The next thing that comes to my mind is performing a little bit of yoga for 10-15 min with mild classical music. I get tempted to have coffee or tea and yes I prepare coffee or tea myself. Mom saves a cup of yesterday’s milk for that. I come walking to window enjoying the fresh morning breeze sipping tea or coffee.

My mother and I have spotted some flower trees in my neighbourhood and I like to visit these trees for flowers …mostly what I collect is yellow or red hibiscus …jasmine and roses. But my mother compels me to have a bath if I go to collect flowers for morning prayer. After collecting flowers the task assigned to me to bring milk bag..the grocer just smiles a bit looking at me and without saying a word and gives me the milk bag of one litre.

I either jog on the huge gliding centre in front of my house building or I do cycling. I love to see twilight sky with reddish blue shades inhaling the fresh morning air. By the time I reach home morning breakfast is ready for me. Graduation engineering exams are just over. Atlast a little break from studies after 22 years. Got selected in campus interview too but joining is in the month of February. Till then a little break..mother feels I should concentrate a little bit on cooking and I religiously help her. It will take a bit of time to enter the new phase of my life. Again there’s going to new world and new people in it. I feel I should try for Gate exam too. I may continue with my post graduation too..but it will be as per things that are going to favour me.

How’s your morning don’t forget to mention

Writing it

Good writers never start out being good writers. 

And scared writers never know how good their becoming unless someone else sees it. Many thanks dear Asha you taught me this.

It takes bravery to do what we do , and everyone is not supposed to like your poetry it’s not about that , poetry is about how you feel.

 It’s somehow reaches out and touches the people who feel the same way as you.

 Your pen is an extension of your heart in the ink is your tears your blood your happiness your sadness. 

It is for you and you only this is why I write because I write for myself and when nobody likes it , I keep on writing.

Don’t stop writing

Don’t stop writing

Make it a everyday habit.

So that if you don’t write 

Then you feel something missing.

Edit and rewrite 

That’s how you get better & better

Spread your writing for people

That’s called a feedback.

Don’t worry about the feedback 

Whether it is appreciation or criticism
Appreciation increases your conifidence

Welcome criticism with an open heart

 So that you know your flaws 

Giving a scope for improvement
When not writing, read

Read from writers better than you

Read and perceive