Seperated but still love you

I hope it hurts you.

I hope your heart aches everytime.

When you hear my song.

You feel yourself staring out of the window.

Wishing one of the faces in the crowd would be mine.

Just so you can see me again.

I hope it hurts everytime it rains.

Since you still picture me.

Sitting by the window with a cup of coffee, lost in the pages of a new book.

I hope it hurts everytime you passby a bookstore

Because you know if I was there with you

I would drag you in the store then you would whine the whole time.

Getting jealous of the fact that books are getting more attention than you.

I hope it hurts when you are walking through a crowded street.

You get a whiff of your favorite smell.

You feel like burying your nose in my hair once again.

I hope it hurts every time you hear a giggle similar to mine, you try to visualize my face and the way it lit up to a joke you just cracked

Honestly I hope it hurts you , because I know I was not just an another name to you.


“Tears are words that need to be written.” 
― Paulo Coelho
Too often we hold back, hold on, and end up crushing our truth because we don’t articulate what it truly means to cry….

Our tears are a cleanse we all need when a story is dancing in our soul. We must learn to let it flow. 

Our tears are the salt of the earth; they water our garden when our garden is thirsty. 

Emotional deliverance is a sure sign we are truly alive and full of love. And every time we release them, we grow a little more, rise a little higher and become a bit more in tune with what it means to rain. Don’t hold back, don’t hold on, just cry – and write your story.