When I wear the wings of my dreams,

Then I sing the song of my life,

When I hum the tune of my wishes,

Then I write the enchanting words of delight.

Golden hair strands, roll over my forehead,

I carefully put them aside,

This is when, I look into my own dreamy eyes,

I turn to the keyboard, I smile and I write.

Flowers of ecstacy, spreads their fragrance in the air,
I look at the thorns, that pricked me, once in disguise,
Suddenly I realize, What I have inside,
The most valuable possession is life…

The curls of my hair, flutter in the air,

The lashes of my eye, blink and I sigh,
Looking at the past is a long lost lane,
I wandered here and there, never wanting to be sane…

Raindrops asked me to sit and introspect,
I love rains, I finally have to give them respect,
The winds moved and then took a new way,
I realized my life was simple, yet on a highway…

I look out of my long –glass-window pane,

I see someone running to me, I realize its rain!
I stepped in my own shows, removing the mask over me,
The shining face beneath was making a plea,

Then I realized…

Colors of mist may mock in pride,

Devils of past may ridicule in every premise,
But I look into the mirror,this is when I smile,
I know, I haven’t lost myself, I am a true being inside.

Poetic thoughts 

POETRY IS basically something mysterious. 

Educated people know what a poem is, but wise poets go on writing because they really don’t know what a poem is, so every poem, in its uniqueness, is a part of the quest to find out. 

It is not possible to know poetry without trying to understand the individuals that make up the world, the bigger mystery in the big picture.

 A poem is not a thing, but a combination of good and bad traits that lend credence to our individual poetic voices. When we cross pens with other poets, we exchange our own characteristics with them.

 We may not have solved the mystery, but are closer to knowing poetry by being closer to other poets.

Poetry Motive 

 The Poetry Motive

Just as all human behavior is motivated, we, as poets, have motives for writing. 

Poetry, among many things, is the art of saying the unsayable. This seemingly impossible challenge fuels my own motive, which is to express my deepest, profound feelings, expressed in my most personal poems, usually about my family and important relationships. 

So, a poem for me is an emotive device and, whatever its literary merit, it consoles me, keeps me going. What are your poetry motives? 

Having a goal as a writer will fuel your poems, whether it be overcoming hardships or simply finding new words to describe a beautiful sunset. 

There is no human feeling that is beyond words, unsayable, if you stay motivated and that will feed sustenance to your poetic vision.

What is it?

What is it?

That keeps our souls glued to our bodies

What is it?

That gives a sense of feelings

What is it? 

That gives us vision

Colours to see

What is it?

That makes our heart beat

What is it?

That enables to hear the melodies

What is it?

That regulates our world and the universe too

What is it?

That makes us think 

What is it? 

That separates our soul from our body

When we die

Love your haters too

The person  who hate you the most

Helps you to be a better person

Be nice with the person who hates you.

You can learn from that person.

Because when you try to harm others

You will end up helping them

By pointing out their weaknesses and making them stronger.

Your enemies will point out all your flaws

You get chance to be a better person
and there is another point too..

So you always know exactly what  you don’t want in your life 

It helps you to improve you as a person.

Bieng with you

Being with you

Gives me a feel of cool shade under a vast tree

Bieng with you

Gives me a feel of cool breeze on hot summer days.

Bieng with you.

Gives me feel of melodious music.

Bieng with you.

Gives me the feel of being secure

Bieng with you.

Gives me the feel of bieng trusted.

Bieng with you.

Gives me a feel of comfort.

Bieng with you.

Gives me a feel your wordless love.

Bieng with you 

Gives me the perfume from a valley fragrant flowers.

Bieng with you 

Gives me feeling of standing before a beautiful waterfall.

Bieng with you

Gives me a feel of bieng in a Sweet Grape Orchard. 

Bieng with you.

Gives me a feel of your tender touch.

Bieng with you.

Gives me a feel of your warm hug.

Bieng with you.

Gives me a feel that you made my day.


​I wonder
How does a blank white paper feels

When tip of a pen dances on it

Writing meaningful words

The blank white paper 

Now has a meaningful story to tell.