When I wear the wings of my dreams,

Then I sing the song of my life,

When I hum the tune of my wishes,

Then I write the enchanting words of delight.

Golden hair strands, roll over my forehead,

I carefully put them aside,

This is when, I look into my own dreamy eyes,

I turn to the keyboard, I smile and I write.

Flowers of ecstacy, spreads their fragrance in the air,
I look at the thorns, that pricked me, once in disguise,
Suddenly I realize, What I have inside,
The most valuable possession is life…

The curls of my hair, flutter in the air,

The lashes of my eye, blink and I sigh,
Looking at the past is a long lost lane,
I wandered here and there, never wanting to be sane…

Raindrops asked me to sit and introspect,
I love rains, I finally have to give them respect,
The winds moved and then took a new way,
I realized my life was simple, yet on a highway…

I look out of my long –glass-window pane,

I see someone running to me, I realize its rain!
I stepped in my own shows, removing the mask over me,
The shining face beneath was making a plea,

Then I realized…

Colors of mist may mock in pride,

Devils of past may ridicule in every premise,
But I look into the mirror,this is when I smile,
I know, I haven’t lost myself, I am a true being inside.

My sadness

On some days,

My sadness is small ;

As small as a teardrop rolling down my cheek.

And on the others,

It’s too huge to fit into my hands.

It stretches, it expands

And becomes a giant monster.

It visits me on lonely nights 

With lilies and chocolates.

It slits my skin

And pulls out my veins

Like guitar strings 

And plays a strange rhythm. 

It sings gloomy songs to me

And makes me eat bitter memories for dinner.

On some days,

It hides inside my pocket like a baby bird;

And on others,

It holds my hand

Like my lover

And we go out for a walk.

It makes love to me every night 

We blend into each other;

So perfectly that 

We become indistinguishable. 

But when I try to leave,

It screams,



Howls like a wolf.

It throws the crockery at me

And cuts my skin with a knife.

It bites me

And strangles me until I’m out of breath.


Its a relationship of togetherness

That even if you part for ever,

My heart still remains

With you, till the end of my life.
A relationship of pain

The pain

That’s so dear than

Thousands other pleasures

Of the entire life!
A relationship of longing

To belong

So strong, so intense

The way

The dying long for the life!
A relationship of trust

So blind, so unasked

That you want to pay

Even the smallest distrust

With the trust of your life
A relationship of

Giving and forgiving

That never counts the millions of tears dropped

Before forgetting the thousand wounds
The relationship that  never leaves you

Even if you move on or walk a mile or two

It comes flying back to you

Like a leaf of memory.
Its the relationship of love

Love, thats lasts over lives.

But if

It’s a relationship for lives,

Then why it changes?

Why it breaks?

Before the end of  the very life!



Run harder.

Run because, walking is not enough.

Run because you can.

Not because you’re tired. 

Not because, you’re afraid. 


Because you’re strong, you’re wild.

Run because this is the chance.

‘It won’t come, ever.’, you thought.

But, it did, and you stood, you lost.

But run,

This time 

As fast as you can.

Disappear in the wild,

In the thin air,

Vanish like smoke.

Go away because that’s the best trade.

Run because, you’re alive.

Because you want to win.

Because, this is the last chance, darling.

Because, you’ll be older next.

Afraid of the people,

Afraid of their words.

And of the spit, on your back.

Afraid of the shadows that’d follow.

Of the ghosts, that’d haunt.

This is the time, love.


Now, is the best thing, 

that could be.

Now, you’re the best.

The wild.

The strong.

Now is you.

So run, my friend, run,

Run away.

Turn a deaf ear to the world.

Wait, not for appraisal.

Not for applause.


Because, you’re the power.


Go. Win the toss.

Looking in the past 

​Years later

When you would  look back in past, 

When you would search for

The ones you would call yours

You will find none

You will be left alone

All alone; for once.

Years later there would be no one

To guide your way through

To walk with you on those empty streets

And none to rely on

For your multiple secret wishes.

Years later

When the sky will be clear, 

And not be dark

The grass, green

And you wouldn’t be a teen

You will not have them beside you

To hold your hand and say: 

“We’ll be there for you”.

Years later

You would realise

That nobody sticks till the end; 

But two

One is your mother

The other’s your dad

Whom you always considered untrue.

Years later, 

When you would want, 

To walk up to them, 

Hold their trembling hands, 

Kiss them and apologize, 

You will have none, 

None, I repeat, for once.

Years later, 

When your friends ditch, 

Leave you in a glitch

You would miss that comfort

Of your mother’s lap

Of your dad’s rough hands

Their valuable advice

Their hearts, melting like ice.

Years later, 

When those people close to you, 

Will part ways

With all your care gone in vain

You would miss your dad, saying

“But, none will remain”.

Years later,

When you want to be caressed, 

By your mother’s soft hands, 

You would find no one, 

‘Cause your time, 

Which was precious, 

Was never spent on “the one”.

Years later, 

When you will recall, 

How mean you had been, 

How rude you always were, 

You would realise

How they always had seen these days, 

When you would eventually get serene.

Years later, 

You will  know

what you have  done to them, 

And wouldn’t want, 

The same to happen to you, 

But again, the history will repeat,

And you’ll know, how roles change in destiny.

And then, years later, 

When you’d look back in time

When you’d search for

The ones you would call yours

You will find none, 

You will be left alone, 

All alone; for once.


The sun burns down,

On the old lazy town.

The flowers have bloomed,

In all different colors.

Red, white, blue, and pink.

Purple, orange, and others,

Even growing without their mothers.

The cold, blue, rivers run,

The waterfalls to.

Always in action,

Never will ration.

The trees sprout leaves,

All green and healthy,

They grow and grow,

Until they turn rich and wealthy.

The sky is as blue as the beach,

The shade is as soft as a peach.

A breeze passes,

Fall is here.

What used to be green leaves,

Is know like little brown peas. 

The sky turns as dark as the ocean,

There’s no more use for lotion.

The flowers have started to go to bed,

And are not any more pink, white, and red.

The rivers and waterfalls which used to be energized,

Now just float along with no enthusiasm.

Then snow starts to fall,

That white fluffy stuff.

All over it falls,

Like trillions of specks of dust.

Not a thing to be seen,

Not a thing to be heard.

Everyone’s trying to keep warm,

In their little dorms.

Then finally spring appears, 

The flowers start to have tears. 

They get their colors back,

And the trees get their leaves back.

The younglings start to hatch, 

One by one or in a patch.

The rivers start to wake up with the earth,


The season of birth.

When we suffer

​When we suffer 
Do we not feel the movement of nature more intensely…?

A trickle of rain would feel more soothing than a storm…

A simple breeze makes us feel more alive…

A ray of sunshine more precious than our breath…

The sight and smell of flowers makes us fall in love again and again…

And a song from a bird reminds us we are free…

To see, to smell, to touch, to feel and to hear…

Isn’t it more precious now…when we have gone through suffering…?

Inspiring Poems 

Here is one more inspiring poem from Resp Parupudi Satyavenkatavinodkumar Sir from Hyderabad nicknamed Soul Nectar Swansh ….love the way he puts harsh realities of life in beautiful and inspiring verses 

💖What for spontaneity remains, unobtrusive? 💖

As I walk and walk and walk

I often ponder why do I this 

Day In and day out, I keep walking

Unmindful of weather and whims

I see clouds flowing here and there 

Find animals grazing on the green fields

Vegetation growing in seething sunshine

Weathers changing in their ordained periods

People following their daily chores indifferently

Trade and commerce moving in its own pace

Faith, religion, worships, Sazda keep their sanity

Air, water, Sun shine and shades keep bequeathing

Obstacles, thorns, hindrances and difficulties keep showing up

How many of the above have we could control

How many of these have been able to change

How many of these have been able to fathom

Except for exploiting them to our greed 

Excepting them to tarnish their beauty to suit our comforts

Excepting them to degrade them to create our false havens

Except them to use them to our selfish needs

And I ask what did we lose in these

Spontaneity of a divine life

Which was blessed to us to relish 

And be grateful for all that is.

In solemn pace I keep walking and walking and walking

Is it the feel of love?

Is it the feel of love?

When someone loves you with your faults

Is it the feel of love?

When someone is proud of you 

Is it the feel of love?

When someone understands your silence 

Is it the feel of love?

When someone goes out of way to spend a few minutes with you

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  falls in love with your soul

Is it the feel of love?

When some remains awake to watch you sleep

Is it the feel of love?

When you sit with someone and silence doesn’t seem weird

Is it the feel of love?

When someone likes your anger, your smile, your tears and everything that is you

Is it the feel of love?

When some one is loyal to you and not loyal to the need to you

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  understands you when you don’t understand yourself

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  would drive many kilometres to see you for a coffee date

Is it the feel of love?

When somone feel that distances is just a word

Is it the feel of love 

When someone stays with you even in yout difficult times

Is it the feel of love?

When someone supports you even when the whole world is against you

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  still finds something adorable about you even in your worst times

Is it the feel of love?

Who doesn’t treat you like an option

Is it the feel of love? 

When someone  fills up your void and stays away from those who are emotionally unavailable

Is it the feel of love?

When someone can make bucket lists and life goals together with you 

Is it the feel of love?

When some prays with you for you

Is it the feel of love? 

When someone makes your heart melt

Is it the feel of love 

When brings a smile on your face even in your toughest times

Is it the feel of love?

When someone crazy enough says I love you to you everyday

It is most important to wait for the one

Who respects you and adores you

Even with a little faith of yours 

You will find love.

Need not be not today since you are busy with your life.

But when you need it the most!