Life is an unfinished book 

Future pages are still draft

Write, edit, erase, cut…rewrite it again and again to get make it a perfect book.

Every comma, full stop, semi colon, question mark, exclamation mark has a meaning. 

Each punctuation mark is powerful enough to change the whole meaning.

Check, recheck, edit, reedit every single line, word, phrase and punctuation. 

You should edit grammar and sentence structure as well because they can create or destroy the meaning

Editing is boring.

Editing is time consuming.

But it’s necessary to make the perfect book-life. Never regret for a bad first draft.  

Remember no draft is final till it is published.

Write and edit your book of life carefully to make your draft of life as a happy journey.

Life is not a film. There are no happy or sad endings.

Life is a continuous journey…like a river.


Life goes on and on 

As long as we breathe 

We realise 

The worth of life 

At the moment 

Just before we stop breathing 

Judging my words 

​If only my words could give life

I would wish to survive, 

A bit more than nothing, 

A bit more than something.

If only my words could give life, 

To that beautiful woman, 

In that enormous painting, 

Who would dance and sing, 

About the realities of life, 

The indecisive soul, 

The people’s changing roles, 

And the game of destiny.

If only my words could give life, 

To the soldier who couldn’t survive,

The statue standing, in the corner,

Who’d speak of real bravery, 

The coward heart, 

The price of reality, 

The war at the border, 

And the emerging love for hatred.

If only my words could give life, 

To the dying soul, 

Fighting for a minute more,

Who couldn’t live enough, 

To see the sunrise, 

Of one day more, 

Who wouldn’t be able to suffice, 

His children’s needs anymore.


If only my words could give life, 

To that heartbroken girl, 

Who couldn’t speak of, 

Her fears much, 

Who couldn’t deal with, 

Her boyfriend’s touch, 

And so she left, 

To stay alone, all by herself.

If only my words could give life, 

I’d save that dying child, 

That unborn kid, 


To survive, 

Being brutally killed, 

For the only crime, 

Of being a girl child. 

If only my words could give life,

I would save that little boy, 

Trying to commit suicide, 

I’ll explain how beautiful life is, 

The love of his parents, 

The love of nature, 

And how one door opens, 

When all others close.

Because, if only my words could give life,

I’d wish to survive, 

A bit more than nothing, 

A bit more than something.

My dreamful morning

The place where I would like to be is fields on a mountain valley with a lovely farm house and plenty of big trees around it.

I like to wake up early in the morning before sunrise by the sweet melodies of flute played by a shepherd passing by,combined with the bleating of his herd of sheeps and goats.

I love the jingling sound of bells tied to necks of cattle as they move on & move their faces while grazing on grasslands.

Mostly the birds which slept on the tree branches wake up before sunrise and thier combined chirping is melodious too.

I like to fresh up before sunrise and rush to the kitchen and make a cup of spiced tea for myself.

I like  enjoy the sight of the early morning twilight and sunrise through a French window of my bedroom with a cup of spiced tea sitting in an easy chair.

I love to hear the song of cuckoo on the big mango tree outside.

There is a lovely swing hanging down this mango tree I love lying on this swing and like to gaze at the beautiful morning sky.

As I am lying on swing suddenly I am surprised by four beautiful butterflies of yellow colour circling above my face, as if trying to say something about the beautiful nature to me and greeting me good morning.It’s a very beautiful moment for me.

Feeling hungry I move towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast on my own.Veg sandwiches my favourite.I would like to have breakfast outside enjoying the nature and reading a science fiction book. I walk quietly towards the small brook not far away.

I would like sit on banks of a humming brook with my feet dipped in its crystal clear cool water and love the feel of fishes tingling my feet.

It feels like bliss when you disconnected with world spending your time alone in lap of mother nature.

Looking in the past 

​Years later

When you would  look back in past, 

When you would search for

The ones you would call yours

You will find none

You will be left alone

All alone; for once.

Years later there would be no one

To guide your way through

To walk with you on those empty streets

And none to rely on

For your multiple secret wishes.

Years later

When the sky will be clear, 

And not be dark

The grass, green

And you wouldn’t be a teen

You will not have them beside you

To hold your hand and say: 

“We’ll be there for you”.

Years later

You would realise

That nobody sticks till the end; 

But two

One is your mother

The other’s your dad

Whom you always considered untrue.

Years later, 

When you would want, 

To walk up to them, 

Hold their trembling hands, 

Kiss them and apologize, 

You will have none, 

None, I repeat, for once.

Years later, 

When your friends ditch, 

Leave you in a glitch

You would miss that comfort

Of your mother’s lap

Of your dad’s rough hands

Their valuable advice

Their hearts, melting like ice.

Years later, 

When those people close to you, 

Will part ways

With all your care gone in vain

You would miss your dad, saying

“But, none will remain”.

Years later,

When you want to be caressed, 

By your mother’s soft hands, 

You would find no one, 

‘Cause your time, 

Which was precious, 

Was never spent on “the one”.

Years later, 

When you will recall, 

How mean you had been, 

How rude you always were, 

You would realise

How they always had seen these days, 

When you would eventually get serene.

Years later, 

You will  know

what you have  done to them, 

And wouldn’t want, 

The same to happen to you, 

But again, the history will repeat,

And you’ll know, how roles change in destiny.

And then, years later, 

When you’d look back in time

When you’d search for

The ones you would call yours

You will find none, 

You will be left alone, 

All alone; for once.


​Hope, I think is a wonderful thing. And when people say they can’t find hope in this hopeless world, I feel nothing but pity for them.

Because I, very, very strongly believe that if you look around, hope is everywhere.

I find hope in the first rays of sunlight that makes its way through the little crack in my window every morning.

I find hope in the animals who are beaten, terrified and yet, struggle everyday to feed themselves and live.

Hope is in the pitch-black darkness that is lit by the presence of stars and moons; the simplicity of the beauty being absolutely breathtaking.

Hope is in the refugees who were forced to leave their own lands, and still refused to give up on their lives.

I find hope in the friendships that have lasted for very long, even after the difficulties and times of becoming too hard to bear with.

Hope is in the love-struck couple which has been married for 30 years, and still doesn’t complain of getting bored of each other.

Hope can be dangerous. 

It can make you yearn and wish and crave for something that might never happen; and then burn you down to ashes like the wild-fire that spares nothing.

Yes, it can be dangerous.

But, how can we complain, when it is the most beautiful thing in existence, too?

It lets us make through life when nothing seems right.

It is the thing that we hold on to for dear life when we have nothing left to clutch.

It lets us breathe when miseries of life suffocate us.

It lets us love when nothing but hatred crosses our way.

And most of all, it keeps us alive when death hovers too close.

Afterall, “If you keep hope alive; it will keep you alive.”

I won’t forget this date 

​I lay awake on my back, staring at cracks in the ceiling. It’s 2:17am, and I’m still waiting for sleep to take over me. And it’s usually these times that you pop into my head, your beautiful eyes and shiny black hair, the thought of you still makes me smile. More than a year later, I admit I still wonder about you, try to answer my own questions- what could have been, what might have been, where did we go wrong, why did you give up. I never come to a conclusion.
I go through all my happy memories of you, of us, in my mind. It’s like a movie, a beautiful fairytale just like our love was, and only this time, I’m a spectator instead of the lead. It’s like a tribute, I’d like to believe. Maybe a memoir. And it always ends with a hope that you’re doing okay.
I shuffle, turn to my left where my phone brightly reflects today’s date. 27 Dec . I sigh, and close my eyes and answer my own question again. It would have been 5 years today.

My mother is not well

​My  Mother is  not well

Lying on the bed covered in that brown blanket from neck to toe. Her pale face made weird expressions while breathing slowly in her deep sleep. The entire house was in a state of mess.

The kitchen still smelt strange, thanks to the split milk and the onion skins that were lying near the kitchen knife. The groceries were all playing hide and seek behind the utensils that lay scattered near the gas stove.

Wet clothes lay drenched in the faded plastic bucket in the bathroom. Dry clothes danced madly while being suspended from the hangers on the balcony. The pickle bottle remained unopened on the dining table and the almirahs while being opened, generated an avalanche of clothes.

The chapattis tasted like chewing gums without any flavor, the fries were mostly burnt and the curries lacked either salt or oil. The fish in the aquarium swam engulfed in sadness, so did the pigeons who flew near the kitchen window.

I looked at her one more time. I remembered all those moments when I had ignored her call while at work, when I had put my head phones when she lovingly scolded me for my carelessness, when I overslept knowing that everything will be taken care of, when I fidgeted through my phone while she was talking to me with all her attention. I thought of all the countless moments when I had taken her and her unconditional love for granted. She is the pivot of our family. 😢😢.Everything goes wrong when she suddenly falls ill.I  decided to do all the chores and clean the house. 

After cleaning the our house and clearing off all the mess. I went in her room  she was sleeping like a baby, I couldn’t help but feel a strong urge of getting inside the blanket and hugging her tightly. I wanted to make up for all those lost moments when I had erred, I wanted to show her how much I loved her from the deep fathoms of my heart.

But the doctor had advised her bed rest, so as she was sleeping, a deep truth hit me suddenly. All through my life, I had never seen my mother sleep. I always found her awake when I woke up, till the time I went to bed. And I realized how much I wanted her to be the way she always was, awake and radiating simplicity and overflowing love.

As she blinked slowly, I almost leaped to her and kissed her cheek. She mumbled something that I couldn’t understand but at that precise moment, it really didn’t matter. I was just delighted that she was awake again and I wanted to see her like this for all the days of my life.

Holding her tight, with warm tears flowing down my cheek, I managed to whisper just one thing in her ears, “Get well soon, Mom” before my voice got choked. But this time, it was purely out of love.


​I’m sitting in my hiding place

though I’m not alone. 

I feel His presence guiding me, 

taking me along.
I look around and smile bright, 

telling Him to hold me tight-

because I am on a ledge.
Alone, I feel, I can’t stand right, 

these challenges that pass me by. 

Winds are blowing, 

push me down. 

Help me through the dark.
Yet I’ll hold on, 

head held high-

Certain hardships will pass by. 

At my side, 

You and I, 

everything’s alright.