When you comeĀ 

Come unannounced sometimes 

When you are like free rhymes,

That comes creeping anytime. 
Come and remind me of my existence 

Call me by my name with persistence 

Flying like a broken kite in daylight 

Bring in smiling happiness bright.

Come like a bird on my balcony,

Chirps in dawn with sweet melody

Like the cold breeze kisses my cheek

When I feel exhausted and weak.

Come like the fragrance of petals 

Crossing through meshes of metals

Drown me in your tender presence 

I long for those liberated moments. 
Come like a child without inhibition 

Who comes to play pranks forbidden 

I need playful gestures of innocence 

When nothing matters but sensations.
Come with the gift of your vacant mind

Stealing some mischief of sunshine

Under the tree our hearts will swing

We will fly together on unseen wings.
Come to spend the day at leisure 

When our company is the only pleasure

Don’t bring a watch for time to measure 

My dreamful morning

The place where I would like to be is fields on a mountain valley with a lovely farm house and plenty of big trees around it.

I like to wake up early in the morning before sunrise by the sweet melodies of flute played by a shepherd passing by,combined with the bleating of his herd of sheeps and goats.

I love the jingling sound of bells tied to necks of cattle as they move on & move their faces while grazing on grasslands.

Mostly the birds which slept on the tree branches wake up before sunrise and thier combined chirping is melodious too.

I like to fresh up before sunrise and rush to the kitchen and make a cup of spiced tea for myself.

I like  enjoy the sight of the early morning twilight and sunrise through a French window of my bedroom with a cup of spiced tea sitting in an easy chair.

I love to hear the song of cuckoo on the big mango tree outside.

There is a lovely swing hanging down this mango tree I love lying on this swing and like to gaze at the beautiful morning sky.

As I am lying on swing suddenly I am surprised by four beautiful butterflies of yellow colour circling above my face, as if trying to say something about the beautiful nature to me and greeting me good morning.It’s a very beautiful moment for me.

Feeling hungry I move towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast on my own.Veg sandwiches my favourite.I would like to have breakfast outside enjoying the nature and reading a science fiction book. I walk quietly towards the small brook not far away.

I would like sit on banks of a humming brook with my feet dipped in its crystal clear cool water and love the feel of fishes tingling my feet.

It feels like bliss when you disconnected with world spending your time alone in lap of mother nature.