Seperated but still love you

I hope it hurts you.

I hope your heart aches everytime.

When you hear my song.

You feel yourself staring out of the window.

Wishing one of the faces in the crowd would be mine.

Just so you can see me again.

I hope it hurts everytime it rains.

Since you still picture me.

Sitting by the window with a cup of coffee, lost in the pages of a new book.

I hope it hurts everytime you passby a bookstore

Because you know if I was there with you

I would drag you in the store then you would whine the whole time.

Getting jealous of the fact that books are getting more attention than you.

I hope it hurts when you are walking through a crowded street.

You get a whiff of your favorite smell.

You feel like burying your nose in my hair once again.

I hope it hurts every time you hear a giggle similar to mine, you try to visualize my face and the way it lit up to a joke you just cracked

Honestly I hope it hurts you , because I know I was not just an another name to you.

Craving to write 

​Craving to write my heart out, I want to write about anything and everything that crosses my mind.

I want to write about the people that I know and the ones that I do not know. I want to write about their looks, their behaviour, their styles and their attitudes.

I want to write about the society, its transforming nature and its changing value systems. I want to write about good and bad things. I want to write about things that seem atrocious, foolish and downright stupid, but tend to excite me.
I want to write about new ideas – things that may sound crazy, rebellious, absurd, impractical but those that I believe could radically change the world.
I want to write about the beautiful things that life has to offer, amazing experiences that can fill the life with excitement and exhilaration but often those which are far – far by distance, far outside pockets, far from the reach of those very people who love them and aspire to get them.

I want to write about fulfillment of dreams – some things that I want desperately, I’m praying for and trying to get , hoping that they will manifest, while watching many others around already having them and enjoying, while I’m still waiting.
I want to write about how life has been giving frequent opportunities to do good, but not many opportunities to feel good. I want to feel good by doing things and living in ways that make me feel happy and satisfied.

I want to write about abstract things that have been burdening my mind for years – how would we ever know that the colour that I see and call as ‘red’ is exactly the same ‘Red’ that my friend sees for the same object. Could it not be that we have always seen different colours for the same object, but out of our upbringing, we have both been calling it the same colour – ‘Red.

I want to write about unexplained experiences – why sometimes upon seeing certain strangers, I suddenly get a feeling of being inside their bodies and the subsequent fear on realization of having to live in those strangers’ bodies, thinking their thoughts and performing their deeds.

I want to write about the frequent instances of Déjà vu that keep happening, almost like quarterly meetings – having seen that same scene happen earlier as well, with the same unknown (or known) people speaking out the same words, while doing the same acts at the same places.

I want to write about the eternal knowledge, unconditional love, selfless dedication and the abundance or lack of it in today’s world. I want to write how common sense can actually be made common, without anyone sensing deprivation from it.

I want to write about being active and lazy at the same time. I want to share how an active mind and a lazy body can still be a great combination.

I want to write about something- something that needs to be written for the eager reader. I want to write about Nothing, and how nothing can actually be something for someone.

I just want to pick up my pen and write ….