I can clearly see

To lie awake each night

Body aching


Almost screaming for rest

But how can I drift away

Softly slip into slumber

When my thoughts run wild and free?

The night has become the dawn for my imagination


The stars hold the key to my inspiration

In the darkness I can clearly see….

She decided to die

Its about my long time friend who tried to end her life two days back due to exams tensions that she may not score well 

I remember her from a long time
The girl with twinkle in her eyes
Chubby cheeks, round face
And a smile in her lips that never dies
Always with a gang of girls
Her never ending babbling
Someone you’ll never find alone
And sans her laughing
Always crazy and always carefree
Someone,who can never stop talking
A little naughty, a little witty
Who would hop a little, jump a little just for nothing
Then something went wrong
That changed her drastically
And she went inside her cocoon
Slowly, silently and surely
Without disturbing even the dew drop
She closed all her doors
And decided to be completely on her own
Unmoved like stone
I still remember the girl
With twinkle in her eyes
Who had decided to go away
Without even a single good bye
No bird could hear
Her silent cry
When without letting anyone know
She had decided to die.
No note, not even a word
To leave behind
So sulky on life that
You didn’t even tell the reason why.
So many still love you
You didn’t even consider
Your near and dear ones too
You decided not to bother.
I still remember her
The girl with twinkle in her eyes
Unmoved, who closed all her doors
And finally decided to die.

Her world through an open window 

The open window,
Is Gayatri’s only portal to the outside world,

Because there is ice in her legs,

That has frozen,

Numbing her legs,

Saving from constantly hurting her toe against the edges of the staircase.

At least that is what Ma(Mother)told her.

Ma (Mother) is a good liar.
Her butterfly heart flutters,

As the wind caresses her face,

But more often than she wishes to acknowledge,

She must remember- that dreams and capabilities are two different words.

She dreams to run towards the setting sun,

Which gets lost somewhere on the other side of the horizon.

The open window lets her see this much only.

From the open window,

Gayatri can see little Tanvi riding the bicycle,

Her legs unfrozen,

Moving in perfect harmony like the sun moves up and down the horizon.

Gayatri smiles looking at her four wheeled wheelchair,

Remembering how Ma (Mother)told her- that the number of wheels decided the worth of a vehicle. 

Ma (Mother) is a good liar.

From the open window,

The sun rises up the horizon.

No cuckoos have time to wake up Gayatri.

The sun is Gayatri’s cuckoo.

With the rising sun,

Comes Baba(Dad) too,

A genial smile plastered on his face.

He comes from the other side of the horizon,

Where cuckoos sing,

And unicorns ride on rainbows,

Where the sun never sets.

That is why Baba(Dad) doesn’t like Gayatri’s house.

Ma (Mother) is a good liar.

From the open window,

Gayatri can see herself running in the meadows,

The raindrops colouring the blank canvas of her body,

The wet mud spread all over her like streaks of brown paint.

Ma (Mother) is painted completely in brown,

Like a wretched painting without art,

Lying on the ground,

Outside Gayatri’s window.

Baba(Dad) is a bad painter.
In all this rain, 

Ma’s  (Mother’s) eyes have decided to help too,

Trying to wash away the dark colour she seems to be coloured in.

The sun has decided to part with Gayatri and Mark. 

Ma tells Gayatri that the nights are shorter in this season.

Ma(Mother) is a good liar.
From the open window,

Seven seasons have passed,

But the sun hasn’t returned.

It has been the longest night in Gayatri’s life.

Life has just been a 90’s film,

Of black and white.

Baba’s (Dad’s)genial smile,

And the stories of unicorns and supernatural beings have stopped,

Ma has stopped talking too.

She just sits in a corner silently,

As if her legs have frozen too.

Maybe she got tired of hurting too.

There is light every morning,

And dark every night,

But who would tell Gayatri’s wretched soul,

That Baba’s (Dad’s)smile was her cuckoo,

And sometimes cuckoos fly away,

Because the other side of the horizon is a beautiful place.

But who would tell Gayatri that sometimes,

Like her legs,

Hearts froze too,

Numbing it from getting hurt over and over again.

But who in this whole wide world,

Will tell a little girl, 

Waiting for this night to end,

That her mother was a liar.


I feel that 

I am lost 

In a crowd of known people 
Every one knows me

But no one 

Interacts with me 

People just pass by

Like vehicles moving on road 
Many times 

I feel 

Have I done something wrong 
Many times 

I feel 

Did I hurt someone unknowingly 
It’s very a very bad feeling 

Can’t be expressed in words 

Crossed fingers 

I cross my fingers in anticipation

I pause myself scared in hesitation

For I not know what the future brings me

My feelings gone wild.. is the world gonna agree or disagree

I trudge through the lane, alone and silent,

The starless night glares back at me,

The eary silence zooms in the air

Even the tree leaves seems scared to move…

I search the sky for the moon for company

But neigh do I find

Where has all the company done

As i trudge on feeling so alone…

A little star blinks from far

Atop a building so high but afar

I walk on gazing at the light

It gives me the way and a peace of mind

Is this the silence before the storm I ponder

My fingers crossed for the best

Too scared to let it go

I trudge along feeling so alone


A gentle breeze wipes my sweat

Is this the hand of the Lord or natures play

The fragrance of flowers in the air soothes my soul

And I slowly gain the confidence in each of my steps


I soon come to the end of the lane

Refreshed to see the face of my loved one

I slowly removed my crossed hands

Relived and happy to have come to the end of the lane

At peace 

Clouds of Pain Shadow the night

I try to Wipe it off with all my might
But the storm is too strong to stop

How will I bring all the sad things to a stop.
Agony and hurt fries my heart

And in this crazy world I play my part
Sands of Time becomes still

As I stand still on atop a hill
Suddenly a little butterfly touches my hand

And the gentle breeze shuffles my hair
The sweet fragrance of the flowers fill the air

And the Sweet melody of the birds seem to come from beyond.
The mists around seem to protect me from pain

Is this God’s way of telling “I Care”?
The positivity of the situation dawn on me

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel
I stand as a tiny speck in the wide wide world

All my problems seem to be small and tiny
The sweet caress & peace… I feel of HIS presence

And then I spot a lake at the distance

The lake seem to be heart-shaped or so I think

Is this God’s way of showing his love for me

How can I be alone is this big world

When he is there to share it with me
There are surely no unsolvable problems

There are surely no unbeatable problems
The showers of Blessings from heaven wipe down my tears

Surely there is hope lying ahead
Hope for a better tommorrow.

Finally I am at Peace…


Summer Mangoes 
Summer mangoes , jungle joys

A perfect food for girls and boys

With cherries and some seedless-grapes

I just ate two, much like the apes
The peels slide off like silken sleeves

And what a gift that one receives

The sweet, delicious, golden juice

The gods must favor, I deduce
Summer mangoes for my lunch

What fruity madness…munch, munch, munch!

Where have you been all of my life

Apparently the season’s rife
With the goodness that you proffer

I, indeed, accept your offer!

For, you are never hard to find

You’re beauty simply blows my mind!
Summer mangoes,  yummy treat

Such delectation while I eat

I swear, I could have ten a day
The vendors on the streets 

Bless me with these luscious meats

So, take a bite and feel the sun

Rejoice that summer’s just begun!

Summer mangoes, I won’t neglect

The pleasure that you do effect

Would it be a tad dramatic

If I say I feel ecstatic?

You came into my life so late
Why were we not close before?

I must research your native lore

Summer mangos, tasty friends

That help my body sing and cleanse

I dedicate this verse to you

Deservingly, it is your due!

Oh mangos, please accept my art

I praise you with a loving heart

But, don’t be jealous if I try a

Tempting, lush, and fair papaya…

Wait Monday please wait 

Sundays are special days when I enjoy company of my father.

However I am just not able to figure out as to why time flies so quickly on Sundays. I hope Monday could wait a little longer 

If only Monday could wait just a little longer, 

My father would have spent more time with me;

I would have told him how badly I missed his hugs,

And would have fake laughed on another one of his bad jokes.

If only Monday could wait just a little longer,

His body would ache less;

And I would have slept on his shoulders, 

While he would have caressed my forehead.

I would have told him that I wanted his time,

I would have told him how I loved him so bad;

And I would have seen that dimpled smile of his,

If only Monday could wait just a little longer.

Devine Blessing

When the summer scorches 
And the skin explodes

Each drop of rain 

Turns to be a graceful blessing

Going through hard times

When energy is sapped

Each moment of smile

Turns to be  a hidden wonder

Peep into my eyes 

Peep into my eyes
And read before you go away,

To explore the World beyond me.

No matter what you do or say

If you ever want to be back,

To rest your tired head,

To find solace in sharing silence,

Just lean on me, count on me,

My heart will still remain for you.


Peep into my eyes

Eyes can speak what words can’t,

Eyes can read what words can’t,

It can scan every glance,

It can conserve every moment,

Can you see the pain & hurt

Of lonely parting hour?

The unspoken unheard desires that

My heart still preserves for you.


Peep into my eyes

Do you see the unshared love,

The longing and belonging,

How my heart cries 

Like a forlorn soul

while lips remain mum?

But still

If you ever want to be back,

To feel my unknown passions,

To share your love and emotions,

My heart will still wait for you.
You’re breaking my heart but

I’ve nothing to complain

Perhaps it was meant to be like this

And I’ve my love for you to retain.

Time is testing my love and so is destiny

I know you’ll be back to me someday

Maybe in some other life time

If you just peep into my eyes and

See how they still long for you.