Seperated but still love you

I hope it hurts you.

I hope your heart aches everytime.

When you hear my song.

You feel yourself staring out of the window.

Wishing one of the faces in the crowd would be mine.

Just so you can see me again.

I hope it hurts everytime it rains.

Since you still picture me.

Sitting by the window with a cup of coffee, lost in the pages of a new book.

I hope it hurts everytime you passby a bookstore

Because you know if I was there with you

I would drag you in the store then you would whine the whole time.

Getting jealous of the fact that books are getting more attention than you.

I hope it hurts when you are walking through a crowded street.

You get a whiff of your favorite smell.

You feel like burying your nose in my hair once again.

I hope it hurts every time you hear a giggle similar to mine, you try to visualize my face and the way it lit up to a joke you just cracked

Honestly I hope it hurts you , because I know I was not just an another name to you.

Mother’s Love

Behold the wonderful phenomenon of love as an Universal emotion. When love passes through the heart of the mother, motherly consciousness translates it into motherly love.

Reflection of love comes from the one Cosmic Love. The mother doesn’t know why she loves the child; the child knows not why it loves the mother. They do not know whence comes this love they feel for one another. It is the manifestation in them of God’s love; and when it is pure and unselfish, it reflects His divine love. 

True mother love is unconditional. We can say that in many ways it is more spiritual and therefore greater than most human expressions of love. God implanted in the heart of the mother a love for the child that is unconditional regardless of the child’s merit or behaviour.

Mother’s love is steady and unchanged.It is perhaps the human love closest to the perfection of God’s love. The true mother forgives her child even when no one else will. That kind of love exemplifies God’s love. He forgives His children no matter what sins they have committed. 

Who could have placed this love in the mother’s heart, save God?

Meeting an old friend 

This afternoon, I was reading a book when I heard two knocks on my window.

Two knocks, just like old times.

Two knocks, just like that of a friend of mine.

Two knocks, just to assure me that everything is going to be fine.

I rushed to the window and I opened it. An old friend was waiting there; waiting to hug me.

And I stood there, feeling the winds on my face, hearing the sweet whispers of what I had missed.

I stood there, waiting for the thunder to roar, feeling my calm in the storm.

I stood there, watching the lightening rip the sky apart, watching beauty form from a silver, jagged line.

I stood there, feeling the raindrops cleanse me, making me realise what I still love the most.

I stood there, meeting my oldest, best friend.

Two knocks was all it took and the rains had found me again.

What you mean to me 

One more of my writes dedicated to the person whom I first followed on wordpress it’s you dear Asha

Who are you?
Despite being a writer, I’ve never written about you. So, today, I decided to give this a shot and give words to what I feel for you.
I think of what you mean to me. Are you just my love or my best friend too? 

Aren’t you the one who I owe most of my smiles to? Or the one from whom my tears don’t shy away?

 Are you not the one who pushes me to my best? Or the one who makes me not want to quit?
Every time I try to write about you, these questions don’t let me. I fall short of words while answering these. But, today I have an answer. An answer that’s probably meagre of what you are to me.

You are my sunshine.
No, not just the one that lights up my life.
You are the winter sunshine. The sunshine that warms me when the winter chill breaks through my window panes. 

You’re the sunshine that catches hold of my hand and takes me out to the nature’s beauty. The one that gives me solace.
My sunshine. My serendipity. That’s what you are.

What you are to me

​Dedicated to the person whom I first followed on wordpress

You buried me, 

In your  thoughts and writings 

 you buried me,

Breathlessly you suffocate me in ur ink,

Your dripping pen caged me on,and on until I licked the last drop

Having trodden in the darkness you shunned light,

Having been on lonely

Pitched dark path many a time,

I soar with your liberation theology,

Victory song at the tunnel end!

Where letting go clashes with jubilation forever,

My small pen honor you….

Poets and writers  are gods,and you are rare amongst.

My mother is not well

​My  Mother is  not well

Lying on the bed covered in that brown blanket from neck to toe. Her pale face made weird expressions while breathing slowly in her deep sleep. The entire house was in a state of mess.

The kitchen still smelt strange, thanks to the split milk and the onion skins that were lying near the kitchen knife. The groceries were all playing hide and seek behind the utensils that lay scattered near the gas stove.

Wet clothes lay drenched in the faded plastic bucket in the bathroom. Dry clothes danced madly while being suspended from the hangers on the balcony. The pickle bottle remained unopened on the dining table and the almirahs while being opened, generated an avalanche of clothes.

The chapattis tasted like chewing gums without any flavor, the fries were mostly burnt and the curries lacked either salt or oil. The fish in the aquarium swam engulfed in sadness, so did the pigeons who flew near the kitchen window.

I looked at her one more time. I remembered all those moments when I had ignored her call while at work, when I had put my head phones when she lovingly scolded me for my carelessness, when I overslept knowing that everything will be taken care of, when I fidgeted through my phone while she was talking to me with all her attention. I thought of all the countless moments when I had taken her and her unconditional love for granted. She is the pivot of our family. 😢😢.Everything goes wrong when she suddenly falls ill.I  decided to do all the chores and clean the house. 

After cleaning the our house and clearing off all the mess. I went in her room  she was sleeping like a baby, I couldn’t help but feel a strong urge of getting inside the blanket and hugging her tightly. I wanted to make up for all those lost moments when I had erred, I wanted to show her how much I loved her from the deep fathoms of my heart.

But the doctor had advised her bed rest, so as she was sleeping, a deep truth hit me suddenly. All through my life, I had never seen my mother sleep. I always found her awake when I woke up, till the time I went to bed. And I realized how much I wanted her to be the way she always was, awake and radiating simplicity and overflowing love.

As she blinked slowly, I almost leaped to her and kissed her cheek. She mumbled something that I couldn’t understand but at that precise moment, it really didn’t matter. I was just delighted that she was awake again and I wanted to see her like this for all the days of my life.

Holding her tight, with warm tears flowing down my cheek, I managed to whisper just one thing in her ears, “Get well soon, Mom” before my voice got choked. But this time, it was purely out of love.

You have been everything to me 

​You have been everything to me:a father

Teacher, playmate, model, conscience, friend.

Sometimes  not certain why you bother,

If your feelings on my words depend.

I know I haven’t been the child I should:

Far from it, and I really can’t say why.

I know exactly what I’d label good,

But in the real world something goes awry.

Underneath my actions there is love,

Gratitude, respect, and admiration.

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking of,

But I thank God you’re in for the duration.

I’m sorry, sorry for the things I do,

But please believe I cherish Mom and you.