Summer Mangoes 
Summer mangoes , jungle joys

A perfect food for girls and boys

With cherries and some seedless-grapes

I just ate two, much like the apes
The peels slide off like silken sleeves

And what a gift that one receives

The sweet, delicious, golden juice

The gods must favor, I deduce
Summer mangoes for my lunch

What fruity madness…munch, munch, munch!

Where have you been all of my life

Apparently the season’s rife
With the goodness that you proffer

I, indeed, accept your offer!

For, you are never hard to find

You’re beauty simply blows my mind!
Summer mangoes,  yummy treat

Such delectation while I eat

I swear, I could have ten a day
The vendors on the streets 

Bless me with these luscious meats

So, take a bite and feel the sun

Rejoice that summer’s just begun!

Summer mangoes, I won’t neglect

The pleasure that you do effect

Would it be a tad dramatic

If I say I feel ecstatic?

You came into my life so late
Why were we not close before?

I must research your native lore

Summer mangos, tasty friends

That help my body sing and cleanse

I dedicate this verse to you

Deservingly, it is your due!

Oh mangos, please accept my art

I praise you with a loving heart

But, don’t be jealous if I try a

Tempting, lush, and fair papaya…

Feed Your Etiquette Less Brains 

Feed Your Etiquette Less Brains

I will come straight to the point. I hate people who are cribbing about food and wasting it. It could be with regards to taste, likes, dislikes, preparation, not served hot, uncooked or half cooked and anything. But how can somebody be so insensitive about food?

There are people who are unfortunately not so blessed to have their stomach filled even once a day. And people who are getting it throw tantrums as if the food has queued to go in their stomach. Respect food, forget humans. You are born to think you are intelligent which is debatable but no comments. However this intelligence is got to do a lot with your food.

 Don’t eat your favourite food one day and you will seem like a lifeless creature on this planet. Most of us do. The people who are not so bothered about fancy cuisine and are just eating to live, adjust to what is in their plate.

 But people who are passionate about food live for food. And the category of people who are always cursing food for various reasons should realize soon that do not consider food as granted, consider it as God’s gift.

 Making faces while eating something and complaining over the taste and ingredients is so insensible. You are lucky enough to enjoy your meals. If you don’t like stuff made outside your home and are very constant with this ‘not liking’ habit stop going out and sit inside your houses and cook for yourselves. 

World is not going to end if you don’t eat outside food. You may be monetarily beneficial to the eateries but are discourteous to your own nutrition. Some have a habit of saying not served hot.

 I understand it is not acceptable for an eatery to provide you dead cold food. But again the ones who are patient enough to eat will complain but eat while the others will return it back and it’s buried in the dustbin. 

Few are habitual to boiling hot tea or coffee and blazing hot food. To them my only suggestion is go sit on a flame. If your family has showered all their love by serving you hot food they also took efforts and expected some day that you said, ‘It’s ok. I will eat warm today.’ But you are too pampered or adamant to adjust. God will bless you one day.

Another most important facet is wasting food. ‘I don’t like it; my stomach is full; oh! It’s become stale now.’ Didn’t you know how much hungry are you before taking or ordering your plate? Weren’t you aware of your own capacity? 

If you know it is going to go stale once it remains for long why didn’t you give it away to somebody who will eat it? It is an immature attitude of people towards eats.

 I feel ashamed when I am throwing even a small piece of roti or a small portion of rice or curry and have always said sorry to my food if I am alone and nobody to share. And someday I have even gulped down my food even if I am full. 

There is so much of guilt in me v/s the people who have never really seen their plate without leftover food. It is more annoying to see grownups doing all these unacceptable acts.

 What are your future generations inheriting from you? When these people are amongst a crowd somebody like me becomes so uncomfortable and starts judging them on their mannerisms. It’s your legacy that your children or siblings or anybody younger who will take forward.

For the people who believe in superstitions and spirituality my one effort in convincing you.

1. Indians believe that if you show unhappiness while eating your food it will never suit your body.

2. Food is known as ‘Anna’ and the Goddess which symbolises Anna is ‘Annapurna Devi’. So by your disgraceful act you are insulting the Goddess.  

3. In my mother tongue  Marathi we have a phrase which says ‘Anna He Purnabrahma’ which means Food is God.

And for the people, who follow humanity, imagine the efforts that one has put towards making it for you. He/she may not be a good cook but has still managed to prepare it for you. And for a wonderful cook, it’s the art that is gone in complete vain because of you