Religious moments

When I went out, the weather was crisp. It would definitely rain in the evening. I drove to the temple. After the puja, it started raining. The rain cleaned the idols decorating the gopuram. The raindrops fell on the stone slabs covering the ground like crackers. They slided down the tall brass tower like boats sliding down a water slide.

The brass leaves on the brass tower trembled. The raindrops fell like garland of pearls from the tip of the brass leaves. Oh, wait! I’ll collect them! The temple was purified.
I sat watching the rain. In the yard, the trees touched the ground due to the weight of the raindrops. The rain smudged the rangoli drawn from rice flour, kumkum, and turmeric. It flowed like a colorful river with flowers floating on it; a vase with flowers and floating candles! Sensuous!

The jingling of anklets on feet of kids and women! The hymns of bangles on the round hands of women! The sound of rain on the fibre shelter was like beating of drums. The murmuring of devotees was like mantras. So beautiful!

After an hour or so, the rain stopped. I drove back with a calm and peaceful mind. Was the drizzle cleansing me off my thoughts, actions, and deeds? I felt nice and fresh. Rain on me, more!
I’m awfully hungry. Can anyone prepare coffee for me?

6 thoughts on “Religious moments

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I like how descriptive you made this piece. I can imagine the scene in front me, how every day people turn to a higher power to find inner peace. Rain, sounds of bangles, murmuring of devotees and all the sounds blend together to form a symphony of respect, love and life ❤


    • kiranmag says:

      Yes I am well …obeying the rules laid down by the Government of India …not coming out of house …
      How about you?
      Hope you are well too and taking care of your family too
      Is there a lock down in Philippines too
      There’s a lock down in here upto 15th April
      I have passed out Engineering graduation with 9.4/10
      Pursuing Post Graduation in Engineering now
      Post was scheduled in November 2020 at Brookhaven National laboratory in NYC that has been on hold now
      Missing you a lot dear sister Quirky


      • quirkyshine says:

        I am so glad you are safe and your family, it’s been ages since we last spoke, it was even your father who contacted me on facebook.. he told me that you were busy with your schooling and that you were also missing me here hehehehe sorry for being inactive here… my writing days are over I guess… hehehehe yup, this COVID is pandemic, so our government both local and national are working hard to limit the spread… in our city, our mayor implemented enhanced community quarantine, so right now I have to work from home… I mean work goes on… hehehe please do take care of yourself…and keep safe my dear sister… praying for you.

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  2. kiranmag says:

    Work from home …that’s the best alternative. . Doing online assignments given by professors also can’t stop
    Thank you very much dear sister.😊
    Happy to receive your huggs 😊…Take care


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