When you come 

Come unannounced sometimes 

When you are like free rhymes,

That comes creeping anytime. 
Come and remind me of my existence 

Call me by my name with persistence 

Flying like a broken kite in daylight 

Bring in smiling happiness bright.

Come like a bird on my balcony,

Chirps in dawn with sweet melody

Like the cold breeze kisses my cheek

When I feel exhausted and weak.

Come like the fragrance of petals 

Crossing through meshes of metals

Drown me in your tender presence 

I long for those liberated moments. 
Come like a child without inhibition 

Who comes to play pranks forbidden 

I need playful gestures of innocence 

When nothing matters but sensations.
Come with the gift of your vacant mind

Stealing some mischief of sunshine

Under the tree our hearts will swing

We will fly together on unseen wings.
Come to spend the day at leisure 

When our company is the only pleasure

Don’t bring a watch for time to measure 

6 thoughts on “When you come 

    • kiranmag says:

      Heartfelt thanks dear bestie …I haven’t written on wp for a long time due to crucial academic turn of my life…your beautiful words lure my heart .. …I kept a dam of feelings in my heart for such a long that exploded on your post…I am just waiting for my career to get a final shape …Indian Airforce Academy is my dream destination. ..it will help me soar high and high in sky as I dream and will also give an honor to serve my motherland. It’s a very wonderful experience to have you with me ..have a nice time dear 😊👭👭


      • Sparkling Sona says:

        All the very best dear for your career. I hope everything works out for you. That’s a wonderful job and yes you will fly high in the sky and serve your motherland. Keep smiling. And I loved that comment you posted on my blog. It was seriously very very beautiful. Thank you once again😘♥️♥️


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