“Everything comes out of nothingness and goes back into nothingness.”

Hence there is no need for attachment, because attachment will bring misery.

Soon it will be gone.

The flower that has blossomed in the morning, by the evening will be gone.

Don’t get attached; otherwise in the evening there will be misery.

Then there will be tears, then you will miss the flower. Enjoy while it is.

But remember, it has come out of nothing, and it will go back to nothing.

And the same is true about everything, even about PEOPLE

8 thoughts on “Nothingness

    • kiranmag says:

      I did comment on your post forgotten on 25 th August

      Was it a special day for you?

      I had commeted

      “I couldn’t be here last two months due to opthalmic ulcer surgery. …missed you a lot.
      Congratulations for successful completion of 5 years. You are most unique wonderful person.
      Finally I am back ….happy to tell you I I passed 2nd year with flying colours with SGPA of 8.9.
      Yestarday I slept late night due Ganapati decoration. I dreamt of birthday of girl just like you. I was in ambiguity whether to wish or not.
      Finally I made up mind
      Happy birthday dearest Asha Di
      Happy birthday,
      sweet sister of mine.
      Whenever I see you,
      my heart seems to shine.
      You’re a truly wonderful,
      sweet sister and friend.
      birthday hugs and kisses,
      I’d like to extend.
      Happy birthday,
      sweet sister of mine.
      It brings me joy,
      when we just spend time.
      I’m eternally grateful,
      you’ve always been there.
      Through your actions and words,
      you show that you care.
      Happy birthday,
      sweet sister of mine.
      Life with you,
      is exceptionally fine.
      I hope you enjoy,
      another great year.
      I promise my love,
      shall always be near.”


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