Being with you always 

You enter my lungs

When ever I breathe 

But for me to live 

I need to exhale you 

Inhaling and exhaling you 

Has become  my life 

That will continue 

As long as I am alive 
My heart beats because of you

My heart circulates you 

Everywhere in my body 

You are an inseparable part of me 


10 thoughts on “Being with you always 

    • kiranmag says:

      Inhaling and exhaling is a continuous process of life untill we are alive and both are important and interrelated too ….thanks Dear Pragalbha Di. ..due to college admission and other personal reasons I couldn’t be here since a month …anyways how’s you ? Feeling nice to have a conversation with since long back

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      • Infinite Living says:

        Agree with you about the process of life.
        Always glad to see your thoughtful posts and wish you the best for life in your other worlds 🙂 It is important to attend to what is required.
        I am very much enjoying various expressions of life myself.

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      • kiranmag says:

        Thank you so much dear Pragalbha Di for your good wishes and blessings. ..feeling nice to know about well being …I wanted to know whether there is any yoga when you get frustrated and mind becomes unstable and yet you have to achieve your goals …how to improve concentration in studies ?

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      • Infinite Living says:

        You are most welcome Kiran.
        I apologize I missed responding to your comment earlier due to some problem I was facing while commenting.
        Kiran, you are a very aware Being 🙂 Be kind to yourself when frustrated and give yourself some love. I believe you do have very good focus on your goals. I would suggest doing some long and deep, slow and steady breathing while in any position that helps you relax. Wish you the best!


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