My birthday 

So, today it’s my birthday,

So what can I do?

I’m now one year older…and I want to boohoo,

But it’s time to be happy,

A time to rejoice,

A day to remember…that I have a voice,

To express my opinions,

To say what I feel, 

To love and to cherish…all things that appeal,

So, my heart feels gladdened,

I want to cry aloud,

“I’ve made it one more year”…and for that I’m so proud,

But what is life’s purpose? 

Do we to just live and die?

Or should we investigate…the what and the why?

I believe in evolution,

of consciousness — not form,

Yes, my soul is eternal…and I was not born,

For this, I am thankful, 

To my teacher and parents 

Who taught me the Satya…that I’m like no others,

We’re all sole expressions,

of a Superior Godhead,

While remaining still persons…we’re also united,

Simultaneous and different,

And yet united as one, 

The doctrine of Chaitanya…shines like the sun,

Illuminating our consciousness,

With the sound of Harinam, 

My heart soars so high now…on the wings of Sri Ram,

I’m no longer fearful,

Of a thing called, “being dead,”

That ugly grey monster…that hides under my bed.

I now know it’s fiction,

to keep us oppressed,

in a world of illusion…and sensually obsessed,

The “keys” are now with me,

I’ve got the way out,

“Just master the tongue”… I emphatically shout! 

And so, that’s my mission,

To share this simple fact, 

Through practice and precept…my final soul act.

Please share your birthdate so that I can add it to my wish list 


54 thoughts on “My birthday 

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Hi Lovey. Wow- your writing astounds me always. I would love to have deeper conversations one day about your beliefs- I have never heard of Satya!

    I usually wish a big happy birthday on my blog posts, but with work I haven’t had time to sit down and write one lately. So I wanted to be sure to stop over and say a big Happy Birthday here ❤ I hope you have the greatest one yet. You are a blessing to us, your family here, and I'm sure you are a big blessing to all those around you too. Thank you for gracing us with your sweet self and beautiful mind.

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    • kiranmag says:

      First of all I would like to thank you my dear sister Mackenzie for your good wishes …feeling nice to know my post gave you a feeling of happiness that makes me happy too.

      I am a simple girl living a simple life and yes I am bit religious praying in the twilight hours regularly chanting prayers taught to me in childhood.

      Satya means following path of truth..for me not so absolutely but as far as possible. …it’s very difficult for layman like me to follow it cent percent.
      Thank you so much for expressing your love and beautiful thoughts for me ..I felt the warmth of your love for me …it has brought us more close than meeting face to face. ..huggs and love for you dear sister…still I feel that I am falling short of words for your beautiful wish

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      • Mackenzie says:

        Aww thank you for sharing this with me! And I would say you are anything but simple. You’re a unique, beautiful, and have an intelligent mind that challenges and inspires others. (Not my definition of simple 🙂 ). And you are not falling short of these words at all. I wouldn’t say them if they weren’t true! Sending you birthday hugs from California !


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