Rain and Me

Semester exams are over…but holidays started with fever and weakness for me..it’s over now. 

Enjoyed welcoming  getting wet in the first rain of this year…I love the first rain especially the petrichor…inhaling it gives me an immense pleasure with a cup of steaming coffee it’s like heaven.

I love the first rain, and rain loves me too 
Rain drops dance when I come to sit by the window to watch the rains.

Some drops start beating on the sill of the window in excitement and hope to bounce back high enough to reach my face.
I stretch hand out of the window and let the drops rest on the softness of my palm. 

And sometimes, I bless the rain by coming out myself and letting the rain touch me; my face, my body and my soul.
I stand out there, completely still, with my face tilted up towards the clouds, and my eyes closed as if I going to embrace it all.

In that moment, nothing crosses my mind. It’s just the rain and me. I live the rain while the rain feels me 

Drops sit on the hammock of my eyelashes and fall one by one to kiss my lips. The ones i kiss back, find salvation and lose their being to become one with me

Those are the days when the rain is quenched of its thirst and there is a celebration in the skies. Clouds are elated, winds go euphoric, birds sing and rainbows appear.
Those are the days when I yearn for my salvation. Those are the days when I live and die; both at the same time, both because of the same person.


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