Exams exams exams

Tension mounts 

As the date comes closer and closer 

Getting inside study books 

Throughout the whole day 

Mother serves  breakfast, lunch and dinner on my table 

Also milk and tea in between 

Disconnected from the outside world 

It’s just me and my study books 

Whatever you have learnt 

For the last 6 months 

Will be drained on the answer sheet 

In just a time of 3 hours 

Is this called exam ?? 

Preparation leave is like hell

Time moves like a tortoise 


12 thoughts on “Exams 

    • kiranmag says:

      Thank you Deboshree Di …nostalgic means you had experiences on the days before exam as well …would like to know them as well…tomorrow is Guru Dev Ravindranath Tagore’s birthday ..some people spell the surname as Thakur …why ?


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