Reading the death news of her own husband 

Based on a true incident of a news reader.

So unfortunate she was 

To read the news 

Of the road accident of a car.
Having seen the footage

Suddenly she realised that it was her own family car 

Which was driven 

By her own husband 

Who was no more 
Her world fell apart.

A lump of grief built up in her heart 

Despite that she controlled herself 

Placing a stone on her throbbing heart 

She showed herself strong

Not even displaying 

The feeling of grief and loss
She continued reading news for 10 minutes 

But as soon as the news bulletin was over 

She couldn’t control herself 

A dam of tears burst from her eyes.
A salute from my side to such a strong woman for her commitment towards her job


18 thoughts on “Reading the death news of her own husband 

  1. mylittlepursuitsofhappyness says:

    This was actually sad.. infact i saw the video of it where the lady (news reporter) read the entire news regarding the accident only to stop herself from breaking down after realizing it was her husband’s death that she was reading out.
    Salute to her courage and dedication.

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