The greatest shock of her life 

Both of them were classmates 

He used to smile at her 

He tried to talk with her 

But she always hated and disliked him 

The reason that he was imperfect person disliked by everyone 

His academic performance was too low.

He just managed to pass to the exams.

He disappeared just like feather which got isolated from a bird flying in the sky.

Her efforts paid her

Her dream was fulfilled 

She dreamt of serving soldiers who fought for their motherland 

She got admission in Armed Forces Medical college 

Years passed by and her dream of becoming a Doctor got fulfilled.

Immediately she got posted on the war front 

Her first patient was an able officer who had fought with all his might for his motherland and won the war.

He was seriously injured and hit with bullets in legs and hands 

It was him, her classmate which she didn’t like 

She had never thought that she would meet him in this way.

One by one she started removing the bullets stuck up in his hands & legs 

At the same time she was also removing all her misunderstandings and misconceptions about him.


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