Hope ! Its very important 

4 candles burnt slowly. Their ambience was so soft that you could hear them speaking.

1st candle

I am peace but nowadays no one wants to keep me lit. Having said this the flame of peace candle diminished gradually untill it went out completely.
2nd candle 

I am faith but these days I am no longer indispensable having said this the flame of faith candle disappeared to nothing.
3rd candle 

I am love but I don’t have enough strength to stay lit more for a long span of time. People put me aside and don’t realise my importance.They even forget to love their dear ones and those who are very close to them

Having said this the glow of love candle flame begin to weaken gradually untill it became nothing 

Suddenly a small girl entered the room..having seen the first three candles no longer burning, she began to cry.

“Why are you not burning?. You are supposed to stay lit till the end. 

Then the 4th candle softly spoke to the girl.

“Don’t cry my dear little girl. I am hope and while I still burn we can relight other candles too” 

The happy girl with her shinning eyes took the candle of hope in her hands and lit all the first three candles again.


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