Peep into my eyes 

Peep into my eyes
And read before you go away,

To explore the World beyond me.

No matter what you do or say

If you ever want to be back,

To rest your tired head,

To find solace in sharing silence,

Just lean on me, count on me,

My heart will still remain for you.


Peep into my eyes

Eyes can speak what words can’t,

Eyes can read what words can’t,

It can scan every glance,

It can conserve every moment,

Can you see the pain & hurt

Of lonely parting hour?

The unspoken unheard desires that

My heart still preserves for you.


Peep into my eyes

Do you see the unshared love,

The longing and belonging,

How my heart cries 

Like a forlorn soul

while lips remain mum?

But still

If you ever want to be back,

To feel my unknown passions,

To share your love and emotions,

My heart will still wait for you.
You’re breaking my heart but

I’ve nothing to complain

Perhaps it was meant to be like this

And I’ve my love for you to retain.

Time is testing my love and so is destiny

I know you’ll be back to me someday

Maybe in some other life time

If you just peep into my eyes and

See how they still long for you.


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