It’s another World, completely my own

To live just the way I feel

To read of my choice

To skip as I want

To comment if I feel

And leave no trail if that’s what I wish


There’s nobody to detect you

There’s nobody to direct you

If something you find bitter to taste

Just log out of it

Forget the blog and bloggers

And you’re back with no scars


Your post might not get featured

Views may be less than expected

Comments may not be coming

But you have all the choices

To swap between real and virtual

After all, life doesn’t end in blogging.


It opens new windows

Of knowledge, emotions and intoxications

To interact with people

Through their heart and mind

Where no physical aspect matters

No age, no place, no identity, no bar.



The best part of blogging, for me

It gives me solace

From my self imposed punishment

The dreaded silence

When words are all that matters

That I can forget all my pains & sufferings

I can overlook the “real me”.

30 thoughts on “SOLACE IN BLOGGING 

  1. Prashant Jadhav says:

    Amazing platform is this, people share their views, their experiences either good or bad, some of them make way for their thoughts, either through poems or some other form of creative writtings. Some lighten their heart by sharing purest of emotional sentiments while some raise issues and try and create a debate/disscusion.
    Truely wonderful is this platform and the people using it.

    It is often said that blogging is an art and an art being a mode of self-expression,I should say that you have nailed it……..
    Keep going……..

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    • kiranmag says:

      Thank you so much brother Prashant. ..I am studying for life career and ofcourse exams …blogging gives a me bit of relaxation. ..the topic may be whatever you feel need not be related to studies and profession..expressing your thoughts and emotions relaxes your mind ..and you get re-energised for studies once more.

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  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    What a beautiful poem about blogging. Loved it and I smiled and nodded all the way through reading it 🙂 “There’s nobody to detect you, There’s nobody to direct you” So agree with this. In the blog world, we can be anonymous – read a blog and more on, or we can read a blog and choose to leave our trail and leave a comment…maybe be a bit human an open ourselves up here.

    Also, love the end of the poem where you touch on connections. Having blog friends is such an amazing thing – they can cheer you on no matter where they are in the world, and no matter what you write about to. It can be so welcoming in the blog world, and as such you can feel all the more confident about yourself 🙂

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    • kiranmag says:

      Thank you for stopping by dear Mabel…feeling nice to know it gave you a feeling of satisfaction…enjoyment and happiness.
      I love my all followers it gives me happiness interacting and speaking with them…thanks a lot for stopping by and giving a wonderful response though your sweet words of affection

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