Reading the death news of her own husband 

Based on a true incident of a news reader.

So unfortunate she was 

To read the news 

Of the road accident of a car.
Having seen the footage

Suddenly she realised that it was her own family car 

Which was driven 

By her own husband 

Who was no more 
Her world fell apart.

A lump of grief built up in her heart 

Despite that she controlled herself 

Placing a stone on her throbbing heart 

She showed herself strong

Not even displaying 

The feeling of grief and loss
She continued reading news for 10 minutes 

But as soon as the news bulletin was over 

She couldn’t control herself 

A dam of tears burst from her eyes.
A salute from my side to such a strong woman for her commitment towards her job

Holding the Knife tight 

I stood there, motionless, shoulders hunched.

Making quiet sniffing sounds.

My worried mother watched me. She could not recall another time like this. 

I slowly turned, tears streaming down my face, she saw the knife in my hand. Panicking, my mother reached out.

Then she noticed the bowl of cut onions on the table.

The moment 

The Moment

The moment you realise that true contentment can be found when you serve others, all other desires will seem so small.
The moment you see joy in another beings eyes because of your own selfless actions, life starts to make a lot more sense.
The moment you begin to act as the reflection of the visions you have for a better world, things will begin to change.
The moment you become aware of your responsibility for the betterment of others, you’ll see such a beauty in life.
The moment you recognise that you will make more of an impact by being righteous than always being right, rewards will fall in your lap.
The moment you begin to be more concerned about learning to love than to be loved, positive emotions of oceanic depths will engulf you.
The moment you become more conscious about understanding others than being understood, your mind will truly begin to learn.
The moment you begin to comprehend that our enemies are not physical flesh and blood yet they are our thoughts, peace will begin to conquer.
The moment you begin to overcome your inner enemies rather than deflecting on others, merriment will come find you.
The moment that you learn how to listen rather than always try to be heard, you will hear languages you thought your mind couldn’t fathom.
The moment you accept that life will always be about mastering and relearning and conquering and climbing, your journey will feel so smooth.
The moment you allow yourself to believe that we can change this world for the better, we will do it.

Because life is but these moments where we learn, change, grow and give.
So go live your moments.

The greatest shock of her life 

Both of them were classmates 

He used to smile at her 

He tried to talk with her 

But she always hated and disliked him 

The reason that he was imperfect person disliked by everyone 

His academic performance was too low.

He just managed to pass to the exams.

He disappeared just like feather which got isolated from a bird flying in the sky.

Her efforts paid her

Her dream was fulfilled 

She dreamt of serving soldiers who fought for their motherland 

She got admission in Armed Forces Medical college 

Years passed by and her dream of becoming a Doctor got fulfilled.

Immediately she got posted on the war front 

Her first patient was an able officer who had fought with all his might for his motherland and won the war.

He was seriously injured and hit with bullets in legs and hands 

It was him, her classmate which she didn’t like 

She had never thought that she would meet him in this way.

One by one she started removing the bullets stuck up in his hands & legs 

At the same time she was also removing all her misunderstandings and misconceptions about him.

Good feelings 

Have a good feelings for everyone.

Good feelings for others are like ointments that heal wounds and re-establish friendships & relationships.

Good feelings are generated in the mind, are transmitted through your attitude and are reflected in your eyes & smile.Smiling opens our heart.

When you do not upset yourself thinking about how others must change & instead you concentrate on your own change.


I feel that 

I am lost 

In a crowd of known people 
Every one knows me

But no one 

Interacts with me 

People just pass by

Like vehicles moving on road 
Many times 

I feel 

Have I done something wrong 
Many times 

I feel 

Did I hurt someone unknowingly 
It’s very a very bad feeling 

Can’t be expressed in words 

Crossed fingers 

I cross my fingers in anticipation

I pause myself scared in hesitation

For I not know what the future brings me

My feelings gone wild.. is the world gonna agree or disagree

I trudge through the lane, alone and silent,

The starless night glares back at me,

The eary silence zooms in the air

Even the tree leaves seems scared to move…

I search the sky for the moon for company

But neigh do I find

Where has all the company done

As i trudge on feeling so alone…

A little star blinks from far

Atop a building so high but afar

I walk on gazing at the light

It gives me the way and a peace of mind

Is this the silence before the storm I ponder

My fingers crossed for the best

Too scared to let it go

I trudge along feeling so alone


A gentle breeze wipes my sweat

Is this the hand of the Lord or natures play

The fragrance of flowers in the air soothes my soul

And I slowly gain the confidence in each of my steps


I soon come to the end of the lane

Refreshed to see the face of my loved one

I slowly removed my crossed hands

Relived and happy to have come to the end of the lane

Classroom memory 

This what happens to the board in classroom when the professor forgets to take back the chalks and the next lecture is free.

My naughty friends didn’t even spare me even on the classroom board they have written about me 

Painting myself 

I will paint myself,

As an empty attic with secret passageways opening into the clouds of red, blue and green colour.
As a window sill, where a writer would sit and spill his ink onto the intricate corners as he would lean on to make love to his muse, to his diary.
As flowers, half blossomed, half dried, the ones with a never ending fragrance.
As the broken idols kept in the shrine, obscured by the others, the ones that nobody ever comes to worship.
As a briefcase, the one whose lock nobody ever tried to open.
As the frame of memories, shrouded by dust and dirt, over time.
As the half burnt, half damp journals.
As the candles, extinguished midway, not certain of what happened next to them.
As the broken china vase with blood staining its sharp edges. (Don’t know whose blood!)
As a clock with no hands, no idea of time and era and eternity and infinity.
As the candy floss packet that looks at me through the shop’s counter, the shop that I no more visit.
As the broken utensils in the kitchen, fungus and rust eating over them.
As the wardrobe which used to be my hideout, the one with the rats and spiders and lizards.
As a mermaid, lying among the woods of dark rainforests, leg over leg, waiting for wimba and mahogany to fall down someday and let this shimmery skin be burnt into the sun light, turning down in to the ashes.
Or perhaps, I will ask you to paint me as me and not look at what I painted of me, for I too would never look at what you would paint of me.