Not just one life 

Not Just One Life 
Curled up in an Enid Blyton book, she didn’t hear her mother’s call for lunch. She was busy eating cupcakes in a flying cottage.

A pinch on her arm and the book snatched to be put away from her reach would bring her to her senses or so her mother thought.

Trying to solve mysteries borrowing from Famous five, Nancy Drew and Secret Seven always earned her a good shouting along with a speech starting with, “I am fed up of you” by her mother.

The missing button, the lost sock and the open window were the beginning of adventures to her.

She grew up but her fascination with books never outgrew her. Her mother continued to call her for countless lunches but the magical world of Harry Potter had engulfed her.

She continued to read.

She could shush anyone by saying, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

With her head held high, she gave the graduation speech to all her batch mates by saying that there were a thousand splendid suns shimmering outside for them.

She finally settled to work in a lifestyle magazine and smiled, could Holly have predicted it?

On a weekend, she was lost in her world of books when her mother told her that she was of “marriageable age.”

She clutched the book she was holding and widened her eyes. Could it be Mr Darcy?

Today she stands at her wedding, the towering wedding cake shaped like books and the stage covered with her favourite quotes from books.

She sees her flower girl and page boy dressed as characters from her favourite comic, Archie. The tiny Jughead couldn’t seem to keep his hat in place.

She walks confidently as her mother leads her down the aisle.

Her long ivory gown with intricate beading and the sweeping train with a splash of glitter along with pearls did turn heads but it was her mother dressed as Mary Poppins including the umbrella with the peacock grip that made the bride gasp.

As she neared the altar, her eyes welled up.

She was living a thousand lives that she had already lived through in each of her books.

She smiled amidst her tears and looked at her groom who had tactfully worn a wizard’s hat!

While her mother let go of her at the altar, she held on and looked at the strong fifty-year-old lady who despite being a single mother never let her down.

For many, it was just another theme wedding but for her it was her mother’s way of showing her that she would always be her mother’s book-crazed daughter.

She thanked her mother for the wedding of a lifetime with tears threatening to ruin her bridal makeup.

Her mother kissed her forehead and said, “For you, a thousand times over.”

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      Thank you so much dear Radhika Di.😊 ….it’s a story of every girl who has a craze for reading books. …

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