Living alone does have its cons 

Living alone does have its cons.

The moment when you feel your feet turning into jelly, relax because it’s bound to happen.

After all it is a moment that could change your life because how you behave in the kitchen could actually decide whether your house will be in shambles or not.

You think of all the good times you spent in your house when your mother just asked you to eat and laid out a full plate before you.

You think of all the times you had a choice of dishes at home while now you are trying hard to master one.

You tentatively place the dish on the stove praying that it doesn’t explode and hit you on your face.

You maintain a respectable distance of say, two feet and try to gauge the spices lined on your walls by sniffing and prodding with a spoon.

You call up your mom, write up detailed instructions and hang up only to feel the fear rise again because how basic can your mom’s instructions be? She is obviously a natural at the kitchen.

You put a dash of this and pinch of that. You get inspired. You imagine yourself as one of the next Masterchef contestants and think to yourself, why can’t I experiment?

You add things that seem yummy waiting for that brilliant concoction to take place.

However fate taunts you. It refuses to be on your side.

The dish starts smoking up and you are afraid if the smoke alarm will go off. You really don’t want the people of your building running out of their flats.

You start coughing, turn off the stove and manage to find the switch of the exhaust fan amidst all that smoke.

And finally, you pick up that phone, report your failure to your mom who nods her head and tells you that she knew this would happen.

To get over the pain, you order amazing takeout and eat some of your favourite ice cream straight from the bucket.

Staying alone does have its pros.

You sit down to watch your favourite show and think, “Ah, what the hell? I am just twenty. I still have time to learn.”

If you are one among the many who enter a kitchen and look around at everything with wonder, then you are still waiting for that one streak of inspiration to strike you.

You are still busy marvelling at the number of ingredients your favourite dish has.

Someday you are going to dish up something that is pride worthy! Hang in there!

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