Its a relationship of togetherness

That even if you part for ever,

My heart still remains

With you, till the end of my life.
A relationship of pain

The pain

That’s so dear than

Thousands other pleasures

Of the entire life!
A relationship of longing

To belong

So strong, so intense

The way

The dying long for the life!
A relationship of trust

So blind, so unasked

That you want to pay

Even the smallest distrust

With the trust of your life
A relationship of

Giving and forgiving

That never counts the millions of tears dropped

Before forgetting the thousand wounds
The relationship that  never leaves you

Even if you move on or walk a mile or two

It comes flying back to you

Like a leaf of memory.
Its the relationship of love

Love, thats lasts over lives.

But if

It’s a relationship for lives,

Then why it changes?

Why it breaks?

Before the end of  the very life!

7 thoughts on “Relationship 

  1. Malini says:

    Good one dear.

    The truth is everyone will get hurt at some point and no one can predict the future. Trust and Forgiveness plays a big part in relationship. 🙂


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