Till We Meet Again 

Till We Meet Again

There was soft tinkling of bells soft musical as I moved slowly on the bank of the river.

The river flowed lyrical with shimmering blue lights. I walked in petite steps my toes touching the sand grains delicately as the silver bells shone in the quivering moon light as they danced with my step.

I looked towards the river over to the mountains in the distance, the sky cobalt with tiny glowing points of stars looked remarkable. My eyes combed the depths for that star I wanted to locate. The star which would tell me the right moment when I would get the glimpse of what I searched.

Wind rustled the few trees as it kissed the leaves. The shadows danced with it on the silver banks. Black was what I was wearing and it flowed and shimmered with the darkness around me My hair were parted with the silver snake I had worn for as long as I could remember.

The sky was changing every instant as life does. I could feel that moment coming nearer. That star would tell me where to go. It had been a long time, many life times I had searched and had been searching for the guidance and yearned for something needed to complete myself.

Bits and pieces of me from other existences were embedded deep in my mind and sometimes I could feel them in my soul. And in such times I would experience an incongruous need of those unknown waters to quench that strange thirst.

These times I would be more me then any other time. Me the fiery, me the agitated, me the angry, me the frustrated, me the agonized in a strange misery of certain hells and heavens that resided in my own mind ,with the nascent chaos of the first order, where simple innocence fought with complex knowledge to seek the truth.

One day the child in me was petrified and then the other day the girl in me wandered to the brink of nothingness. Another day the woman in me yearned for someone.

I took those steps and again looked at the sky. There are few clouds floated wandering in the dark indigo of midnight and the star will be here any moment now.

As stared I hardly could blink, my eyes pricked as a tear formed under my eyelashes and slipped to glide my cheeks. It was still on my cheek when I noticed the faint white light of the star I was searching. Yes I looked at it…and then. I held my breath now or never.

Suddenly the water parted as the river divided itself into two different branches I saw the path I had to travel. I walked treaded softly between the two waters on my both sides.

As I entered the forest the huge trees cast dark shadows on the road and it was difficult to walk without light. I was unaware of how far I had have to go. The wind and the water made strange sounds.

At last I came to an opening in the woods and towards my right were the mountains. I walked along not knowing but just following the star light. Suddenly as I reached the edge of the rocky mountain the path turned and I came to stand in front of a cave.
“Kiru…”someone called my name
‘Kiru I have been waiting for you.”
As I entered I could make out a light at the far end of the cave. The fragrance of incense filled my senses …camphor …and certain barks are burning in a silver bowl where she sat with her hair loose around her face.
The smoke in a snaky spiral, moved towards the entrance. I went and knelt in front of her.
“Kiru…you have come.”
‘I have been waiting for you…for…long time now”
I was too bewildered to talk.

I look at her.
“We have met….” I hesitated.
“Yes we have in some other time and space and we will later on. Today I want you to take this.” she calls me..
She hands me a Silver Quill. I look at her with a question in my eyes.
“Magic ..”she laughs. You have to create magic with this.”
“But magic needs colors and wind and fire.” I tried to say.
“Yes you have already done that. Now it is the time to create magic with this.”

‘You will know.”

“And now..”
She calls me near her ..As she ties a black thread on my neck I know I am blessed and cursed.Blessed because I have been chosen, cursed because my path will never be easy. I will have to fight the devils. Wind howls around me as I try to look at her.

‘Till we meet again!”
I heard her voice trailing as I was swept on to the entrance of the cave and beyond it. Darkness came in all suddenness before I could save myself and the rain falls on me submerging, enveloping…
I got up from my dream struggling in my bed. Again it had visited me. I have seen it numerous times. But today I had seen it so clearly …what it had been then and what it was now.

Till again we meet.
I am doing what she had asked me weaving magic with that quill, writing , weaving words, making them dance…I make people laugh, cry, scream, sigh…feel the longing, I am physical, emotional, carnal, wild, basic, raw, abstract, lyrical, brilliant.

I weave a tapestary of colors and hues and the incessant words just spill ..and the nascent chaos inside my mind sometimes becomes a poem of love of fiery passions, longings which reach the depths of their souls senseless sense, seen and unseen the tangible, the visible, the elusive trying to find the finite in the infinite ocean of timelessness.

Then people say I am a brilliant writer magical ….as I compose enthralling scherzo in form of poems and stories.
Now you know I am creating this for her for me…I will do it I have to.
“Till we meet again…. as she said.

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