Mother lives in you 

Always smiling your naughty smile 

In her pain she lifts you 

In her guile matching your style 

In her she holds you 

In it your crutch to glide ..

In her step to match every step ..

In your tears to fill her eyes …

For she is the warmth you feel in her …

In her cuddly lap 

To snuggle you ..hide ..

In her pain to hide your pain ..

In her world to bring you alive …

For she is the world she donated to you in her to build your life 

A feather touch in her fingers to feel 
holding your hand as  a gentle light 

In the stars of heaven to be the moon in you to rise

In the sun to spray in you the ray of life 

In the rainbows to colour to in dainty hues of life 

In her wings to fly you free …in its wind by the night 

In her wings to be your guide …taking you to far horizons .

In her rock to forever climb to touch new heights where the clouds dip in the mountains to reach in her to hide 

Your fears and fantasy of life …to touch you in her smile ..

Taking you to those terrains never explored full of divine to see the you sheathed in love ..hiding your life 

To open you to all realms of life …

In her love to delve your life

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