I Shall Pass this Way But once

I Shall Pass this Way But Once
A little smile

Quivers on the lips

A leaf falls

A tree swings

Wind sings

Tears glide

Prayer echoes

From the

Depth of the soul

To a point of being pointless is sometimes the wisdom of the ages which we have to perceive. To contemplate on the transitory nature of all and yet be there to see the grace of beauty that lace defining moments is what life is all about.

And to think that we travel only in one direction forward and ahead. We can never turn back to the road we came. Our mind records the journey in detail, though no two minds have the same detail. Even if you have walked with a fellow traveler both will have different version to narrate.

The roads stretch in front of each one of us. We travel without any choice. Sitting and resting is allowed, but then we have to get up and walk. Time milestones have no meaning if you perceive the eternity of life. We have always been here and there, now and then. We might not remember but some ancient memories are embedded in the depths of our minds. At times we might recognize at turning on this road of life.

The road is one way. We shall pass here but once. It will then reside in our mind. At times when we rest, we might connect with someone we met on the road one yesterday of life. It could be a helping hand, a caring smile or some shared smiling moments. Painful memories are dull ache which remains even when the thorn embedded in the skin has been removed. Let it pass. Do not hurt yourself by pricking. Whatever it was it has gone away. Let it go. Just be with the happiness. As pain and pleasure are born in our heart and torment us in mind, we must calm it.

Life flows with us, in us and around us. See it to feel it. Near a river bank, just looking at the passing water fills me with wonder. Something changes deep inside. And oceans are a different story. A river has boundaries an ocean has freedom.  Together they teach us the boundaries of freedom.

So while I may pass this road just once, let me experience life in all glory. Let me not worry about tomorrow or mope for the yesterday.

The excitement of life throbs in each moment. The only thing we need to sense it is a child like mind and wings of imagination. Light the flame of hope and no dark night will scare you. Lend a helping hand to yourself be kind to your own self.

At some difficult point in my life, I found the art of keeping a visual journal very helpful.  A sketch book, colors, sketch pens and my words just flow. Whenever I can spare time I sit with my muse. Using the colors I play with experiences. Believe me the process is very therapeutic. After the entry is done it is laid to rest. Later when the impressions have had time to sink, I visit the pages. Each entry reveals a truth about one exact moment in my life. I meet some long lost friends to experience tranquility of sublime moments. Not all is just fine sometimes I can see the scars and tears. However, depicting these on paper helped to let go and just that is needed.

Words I write here are impressions, echoes, reactions and meditations. It hardly matters what matters is the art of putting them on the white sheet. Blue is a recurrent color theme on my pages. It takes on to Indigo. Recently, I find myself attracted to the color purple. Yellow and orange are mostly on trees perhaps representing flowers. Another element here is water sometimes serene; at times flowing. Nature brings out the thinker in me and is my muse.

Whenever I flip through the pages I am reminded of the point of time. I may pass the road once but can revisit with the pages. It is just as getting a magical key to the past.

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