When the mind doesn’t ache

The heart doesn’t feel

And everything outside this

Lose their relevance.
When you cross the threshold

Of all what the body can bear

Going beyond the limit of bearable pain

It’s a trance.
The mysterious peace

Where nothing exists

No pain, no thought, no dream

Facing your soul all by yourself

It’s a trance.
Amidst a crowded party

Or amongst loudest of music

You see nothing

You hear nothing

Just you and the silent lonely World

It’s nothing but the trance.
You hold the gaze of the

Seductive eyes

Defying all your wills

Allowing your unreasonable heart

You know it’s a trance.
When you touch someone

After waiting for centuries

The first trembling touch

That evades time and space

The moment stands still

And becomes trance.

The journey from zero to infinity

The numbness,

That  protects you from all hurt and pain

The mystical bridge

To take you from reality 

To the World of magic.


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  1. kiranmag says:

    Thank you so much Asha Di…feeling nice to read your response…I was sitting all alone in grass lawns in the break after lectures ..all my friends absent today… just words flowed through my mind…have a nice day …I think your review about the imperfectionists was the best possible I read in yesterday evening.


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