The Peacock’s feather (Woman’s Day) 

When I look back I feel a surge of emotions inside my heart. How could I have ever known where the path called life would take us? We had met in college, I remember for almost an year we were just classmates. We belonged to different groups and in college the difference in groups is so strong that it is almost as if alien territories and wanderings are unheard of.
The second year of the graduation marked the birth of our friendship….well if I can ever define this relationship which I have with you…sometimes you are like a mother, like an elder sister, then sometimes you become a kid and I take up the role of a mother. Some other times we are like friends, classmates….but every day our bond becomes stronger and stronger.But one thing is certain you are one amazing woman I have in my life.

You are someone I admire, love and respect and it was with you I have shared every thing in my life. I know you will understand, I know you will know whatever there is, I want to say but may not say at all. Many times we speak the same thing at the same time.It is not that we agree all the time, you have your own views and I retain mine we fight, discuss , scold …but then at the end of it we ARE there for each other. 

You have learnt your lessons well. Life has not been very easy for you but the way you made your way through the labyrinths is just amazing. Then when ever I needed a hand you have always been there for me. Life with all its shades of good and bad is happy because I have you in my life.

We are not able to meet often as we would like to, but we keep in touch in different ways . Its not only the chats or mails but more than that….like the other day you had called at midnight just to ask me if I was fine….I was not and I was amazed well no am not amazed any more now I know an invisible thread binds us and time and space also cannot part us…and as soon as I heard your voice something was set just right and I suddenly got the strength which I needed.. On my birthday this year you surprised me by sending me a photograph of both of us, sitting under a tree in college …I remembered the day with such sharpness that I quivered with happiness.

 The overcast sky and the cold blowing wind was all in front of me as was the Peacock who danced amidst the dark thundering rains that day with only the two of us to witness that beautiful sight. The trees which were laden with Gulmohor flowers, shed the red blossoms like wet rubies and the Peacock’s feathers added magic to that moment. It was a blessed moment and will remain fresh in my mind always. It never fails to put a smile on my lips whenever I think of it.

And then as we walked down the University campus road washed with rains and flowers and leaves we decided to have coffee. There was no one in the canteen and as we took the cups in hand walked while sipping …the coffee never had tasted better.

 It was one of those fleeting moments when you feel the presence of the almighty , almost as if you hear the soft gentle notes of the Lord’s flute caressing your soul. That day the blue in the Peacock’s feather became a shade of happiness for me in a very mystical way. 

We have walked this path of friendship basking in the joy of having each other in life. With you I can share anything, with you I hardly have to pretend, with you I can be just me…, you will give your support without any pre conditions.

It is said that people who sat near in Paradise become friends on Earth. I am sure my dear, we were sitting very close almost hand in hand…and so we retain on earth the same warmth.

When I think of you the first image is of your warm smile . I still remember that day we first met each other.

Today I thank you for all that you have been, you will be ….

I treasure your presence in my presence. It is like that feather of the Peacock which adds color and magic and mystery and warmth …the green the blue the black and more shades then I can ever count. It has a soft touch gentle like the whispering wind. The Gulmohar trees in the park near my house are in full bloom ….and as I watch the trees swaying in the gentle breeze of the morning from my kitchen window sipping my coffee I think of you and thank you …for being you….

Happy Woman’s Day 

I have been blessed with many amazing women in my life.My mother my grandmother have been role models for me. And then there have been many who I have admired for their strength.This  is for a very dear friend of mine..

I take opportunity to thank all the amazing women who have been and are in my life.


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