Love has a facet of blank,
That you can’t remember
Exactly when it has started,
That how long
It has been flowing
Inside your heart….
You start drowning
In the river of overflowing emotions.
Love is just a collection of
Really long moments,
The moments that can’t be divided
Into phases, seasons or time.
The moments,
That evolves with you,
Progresses with you.
Grows with you.
And revolves around
The centre of this euphoria.
Love is like a mystery,
Where you are stuck up
Amidst the cyclone of
Your own whys and hows.
Why your heart melts
Like never before,
And your mind confronts your heart,
Asking the age old question,
When it’s the time to rend
Why it wants to sew ?
Love is a matter of daring
That you get guts,
To defy age old rules,
To break a few norms of the society,
And to question a few  
Long followed beliefs,
Just for the sake of
A few moments of bliss,
The precious moments,
That can fossil the World
Atleast a thousand times.
Love has an element of pain,
The precious gift,
You get out of this exaltation.
The deeper the feelings
The deeper the pain.
The sweet suffering,
So dear to you
That you welcome like a long lost friend,
Preserve with utmost care,
Never wishing to part again.