One Day


Don’t know who you are or where you are.

Don’t know anything about your existence whether you are already there in my life or not.

Don’t know whether you are looking for me or not. But I know a few things for sure.

That one day we will  meet each other and know that will be the happiest moment of our lives , yes, she is the one for me like my elder sister I always wanted one.

One day we are gonna hold each other’s hands and walk silently on the beach leaving behind our footprints.

One day we will cry on each other’s shoulders when we are broken and sad.

One day we will make favorite food of each other without any special occasion.

One day we will be teasing each other, pull each other’s legs and laugh like idiots.

One day we will embrace each other like the whole world around us doesn’t exist.

One day we will stand and fight for each other’s dignity.

One day we will love each other irrespective of our past with no complaints and no conditions.

I am waiting for that one day come true. Till that day comes, stay happy and healthy.

Within your unconscious mind, just know that someone is waiting for you and she is gonna love you a lot. 

Enjoy your today without worrying about your past or future. And acknowledge that you are very very very beautiful for someone.

My dear I just love you the way you are. Can’t wait to feel your existence in my life.

Take care of yourself till the day I take care of you.


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