Take you out there 

I have imagined this place a lot of times, but it’s always just me who usually goes there.
The wet grass on which I lie is green; a green so fine that you could only imagine it. 

There is  a lake somewhere nearby carrying a whole world of secrets in it’s womb. 

The sky above is a deep blue; the blue of a king’s robe, with all those sparkling jewels that are the stars.

It’s somewhere between night and day, but it isn’t twilight either.
I can hear the sweet call of a mysterious bird, the humble rustle of the magnificent trees, the fresh sounds of the graceful waves.
The air is refreshingly cool with a mild fragrance of the wild flowers, akin to the fragrance of the dewy grass and fragrance of something strange yet familiar.
I, for once, forget everything – the people, thoughts, time, the real world.
It’s like a trance; a pleasant trance, something I don’t want to come out of.

I lie there watching the stars that were alive at a time when no one else was. Now they’re dead, but they continue to shine like a lost sailor’s hope, an anguished lover’s solice, a young child’s delight.
I watch the constellations that hold our lives, formed by a chosen few stars from the million out there.
The place is not any wood or any garden. It’s not heaven. It’s just mine.Maybe, it’s just a fantasy in my head; a creation of my mind.
But it’s mine. And I visit it alone.
When I’m happy or sad or scared or relaxed, I visit it.
But today, I want to take you with me.
I want to show you the wonders it holds. 

I want you to lie there beside me and watch the stars. I want you to hold my hand as we lie there. I want you to soak in it’s beauty with me.
I want us to go there and forget ourselves in that place of my dreams.


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