Life isn’t about finding yourself,

Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw

When it comes to Creation, the first thing that occupies my mind is Artist. In addition to that, I belong to such generation where arts and artists inspire people to explore the artist residing in themselves, hiding in some particular corner, dominated by the fear, frustration, anger, jealousy.

 I appreciate the fact that when it comes to Creation, we are able to link it to a part of ourselves, the artist.

But, most importantly, like any other act, Creation should also start with oneself, that is creating oneself. No matter, how hard he/ she tries, how many characters he/she blows life into, how many characters he/she puts his pieces inside, if an artist fails to create himself (no better version but a truer one)- whether in words or strokes, he/she is incomplete.

And as it’s not really needed to be reminded that Art is Life,

Life is not about finding your pieces in Art,

Rather creating a whole you in the Art.

And, not a belief but fact that every person is an artist,

Lots of love to everyone- explored, unexplored or yet to be explored ones.

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