Distance that separates us 

Dear distance, 

You have taught me a lot through all these years of my life.

Its because of you I started  loving people  even when I do not know them.

I love these unknown people …I wish to meet all them at least once in a my life time.

But when I wanted to reach out to them, I  can’t, because you won’t let me. You made me crave for them in a way I knew only love can.

You have made me fall out of love with people, when you crept in between us, and reduced years of togetherness to just a small “Hi. How are you? I have been good. Are you busy right now? Sure, will call you later.” over the phone.

You.have made me cry and howl and throw things across the room, frustrated that I couldn’t have the one person that I wanted to have in my arms right then.

You’ve made me spend days, months, years, in  anticipation of just an hour long meet, which I would then cherish for the next few months to come.
Its you who has made me learn that everything is temporary, except a very few things and relationships.

But then its  also you who has made me believe more in love.

You have made me believe that no matter what anyone says, love is always enough. If two people really love each other, even you can’t let them be apart at heart.

You have made love even more beautiful, more powerful.

That burst of happiness that I feel on meeting the person I love after long, makes me sure that this love is never going away.

You are what love essentially needs, in little doses. You are what makes love complete.

You have made love stronger for me.

Because I know, if we could brave through you, nothing else is hard enough.

5 thoughts on “Distance that separates us 

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  2. ReVitellect says:

    Great topic. Love how you made Distance its own entity. Many truths there. It makes things hard sometimes.

    Love that you mentioned that it can be good in small doses. Exactly my sentiments.

    Yes, it can definitely make love stronger since distance can allow you to appreciate the person more. Good way to get over taking someone for granted. 🙂

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