A-Z challenge 

A-Z challenge 

I had been nominated for A-Z challenge by Deepak Malhotra & Deepak Rawat.

Thank you so much for nominating me ….it seemed a bit challenging for me..instead of writing about A-Z of me I thought of writing verses from A-Z

I am dedicating this to the first person whom I followed on wordpress it’s you dear Asha Di 

About time we start trusting each other 

Batman needs Robin, I need you 

Catch me if you can”, you say. I smile 

Dodging you is not my thing but loving you is what I do 

Everytime I get lonely, I think about the fun things we did together 

Feeling of love is what I need 

Gently I hug you and you kiss my forehead…. I smile 😊

Happy is the spirit in our relationship 

love you so much, but do you? 

Just be yourself because I love you for who you are

Keeping  update we been together, I am surprised it has been nine months

Like you said you want someone to love you, here I am 

Making  you feel special makes me happy 

Never be apart is what I want 

Our love is a bond I can’t stop loving you 

Pile of sisterly love poems on my desk is for you 

Quietly  listening to your beautiful voice talking to me 

Running  and chasing you is pretty fun 

Skating  by you side by side on ice seems to be fun

True, having you by my side makes me feel safe 

Under the palm tree we carve our name right next to each other 

Visiting  you when you’re sick proved that I care for you 

Where would I be if I never met someone like you 

X-ray my heart to see my love for you 

You hold the key to my heart 

Zion is what I see when I look into your eyes.

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