Run harder.

Run because, walking is not enough.

Run because you can.

Not because you’re tired. 

Not because, you’re afraid. 


Because you’re strong, you’re wild.

Run because this is the chance.

‘It won’t come, ever.’, you thought.

But, it did, and you stood, you lost.

But run,

This time 

As fast as you can.

Disappear in the wild,

In the thin air,

Vanish like smoke.

Go away because that’s the best trade.

Run because, you’re alive.

Because you want to win.

Because, this is the last chance, darling.

Because, you’ll be older next.

Afraid of the people,

Afraid of their words.

And of the spit, on your back.

Afraid of the shadows that’d follow.

Of the ghosts, that’d haunt.

This is the time, love.


Now, is the best thing, 

that could be.

Now, you’re the best.

The wild.

The strong.

Now is you.

So run, my friend, run,

Run away.

Turn a deaf ear to the world.

Wait, not for appraisal.

Not for applause.


Because, you’re the power.


Go. Win the toss.


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