Poetry Motive 

 The Poetry Motive

Just as all human behavior is motivated, we, as poets, have motives for writing. 

Poetry, among many things, is the art of saying the unsayable. This seemingly impossible challenge fuels my own motive, which is to express my deepest, profound feelings, expressed in my most personal poems, usually about my family and important relationships. 

So, a poem for me is an emotive device and, whatever its literary merit, it consoles me, keeps me going. What are your poetry motives? 

Having a goal as a writer will fuel your poems, whether it be overcoming hardships or simply finding new words to describe a beautiful sunset. 

There is no human feeling that is beyond words, unsayable, if you stay motivated and that will feed sustenance to your poetic vision.


14 thoughts on “Poetry Motive 

  1. Ohhhwillow says:

    Perhaps the poem is a symbol of the human desire to understand ones own mind through the mind of others. It is a way for us physically represent the mind, which we are unable to project through simple language alone. In any event – you are correct, the poets pen is her/her release, salvation and self-acknowledgement.
    Thanks for sharing!


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