Scent of a woman 

​As a woman, when I write this many may feel I am biased. I am just thinking from that angle of being a woman, and in a way they would be right too but I can only think as a woman. I know this blog will be read more than any of mine because women are intriguing creatures. A woman is a mystery, magic, myth and what not.

Here I will tell you what makes me “me”

What I like, what I believe in, what I would like myself to be in the future. I am unpredictable like nature itself. I sometimes am like the breeze fragrant and gentle and at other times like a dusty angry wind. Other times I can be like a temple bell and make the atmosphere tranquil.

Appearances do not matter for me and though I do like to dress up and I do take good care of myself I would rather feel the wind in my hair and get soaked in the rain then worry about the effects. I like to dress in casuals more than formals. Cotton is something I love and am finicky about clothes. The clothes I choose should feel right to me the cost are not the criteria. A simple material from the pavement market can make me exultant. I love saris and dupattas though now I hardly wear sarees or wear only on rare occasions. But nothing like crisp cotton – starched kota in different colors or even the light Lucknow Chikan or an elegant Chanderi. I love the tie and dye, mirror work, bandhej all from Rajasthan and Gujarat and the long skirts mostly in the color black and dark blue. White churidars and colorful lehriya dupattas are real picks for me in the summers. I love to dress up in white shirt and jeans for that Sunday which you spent with the family. 

Accessories are simple and I do not like to wear gold ornaments, but I am fond of silver and oxidized trinkets which seem just right to me. Glass bangles, I like to collect though I hardly wear them I remember wearing glass bangles at some other weddings in the family. But I do adore silver anklets, delicate with small ghungroos and toe rings.

Make up I like to wear on rare occasions not every day, what I love is the eyeliner and a dash of light lipstick.

My hair well I had long hair, but I never liked it…for many reasons now it is short and I mostly keep it tied but on rare occasions loose and let it dance.

The most important thing which I must have is the fragrance …yes I love perfumes floral natural, mild soft …and alluring. I really love buying perfumes and preserve and use them very prudently. But I have to have my daily dash of a mild perfume every morning.

Flowers Jasmine, Bela, Son Chapha I have them all on my terrace. I put them in crystal water bowls and keep it around the house. 

Kevda is another fragrance I just love. A small piece of the fragrant bark will make the atmosphere blissful.

Flowers are a must for me in my house, yellow, orange and other bright colors in the winter months . In the summers the white fragrant dainty delicate are just required to make it fresh and cool.

Coffee I really enjoy and I have a very special relationship with. Nowadays I love having coffee from a big mug presented to me by a dear friend. She has written in her hand ..”from someone who cares…” in black ink and when I wash it I am so careful not to let that ink go away. I have coated it with a transparent nail enamel to protect it.

Potter’s wheel is something I want to touch; some day I am going to learn pottery. I can look at the potter’s wheel for hours and hours and find it like a Zen meditation where I can easily experience the “Satori”

I am very happy with babies and kids and we get along well I learn a lot by just talking to kids. Children are great teachers. I feel that being a nursery school teacher would make so very happy. All the neighborhood kids are my great friends to the amazement of their mother’s.

Lazy summer afternoons with the khus curtains on the doors and windows I yearn for. When I was a small child I had spent many such afternoons reading many books in those cool fragrant rooms.

I am completely feminine. The yin in me is strongest. I am very happy to be a woman and I never want to compete with men. Why should I? When I am the magic! I feel this gives me the sense of peace which comes from being happy with my own self.


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  1. elliebleu says:

    What a lovely statement! It reminds me to accept the fact that I like jasmine blossoms, beautiful textiles, and other pretty things. I work in a male environment and sometimes I forget that I shouldn’t compete but be proud of who I am. 🙂


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