Inseparable part of me

He is the inseparable part of me

Even before

He was born 


On hearing my voice 

He used to move vigorously 

In my mother’s womb 


I felt his kicks on my face

When I placed my face

On my mother’s pregnant stomach


His birth was

The most beautiful 

Happiest moment of my life 

My mother placed him on my lap

On the very first day he was born 

It was so nice to see him smiling with his eyes closed 

I had decided his name before he was born “Kunal”


The baby resting on my lap has now grown up as a young boy to my shoulder height.

Our heads touch each other when we a playing a common game on mobile or laptop.

With him I like to play football and dodge him.

I take his studies and solve his doubts.

Running race sometimes he wins sometimes me.

We play chess too…most of the times I win sometimes I loose for his happiness.

He teases my friends whenever I am talking with on phone.


When he feels I am deceiving him he gets angry. I run in the whole house with his angry face following me.

I hide behind mother for protection.He stops tries to get me but mother tries to cool him down.

Finally I come in front of him hug him tightly kissing his forehead …his anger melts down like candle.

Our poor mother! she has to sleep between us straight on her back whitout facing anyone of choice.

Such unique is our relationship that we cannot live whitout quarrels but can’t live whitout each other.

I definately know he is going to have tough days after my marriage. He too is aware of it but says don’t worry he will be there for me whenever I need him.


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