Alchemy of Blue 

​Alchemy of Blue

 It felt strange today with some pleasant cool winds blowing after a hot humid night. Somewhere it had rained and the breeze bought the news. Cotton clouds never bought rains. Dark thunder with lightning was what we looked for in the sky. That place where it may have rained seemed so blessed. However, the morning was pleasant, and I decided to be with it. Our mind is ready to dampen the spirits if we permit, and mostly I don’t permit myself the luxury of depressing thoughts which can lead to the blue mood.

MOOD….a small short word but has so many meanings. How many times we hide behind our ‘mood’? Yes, I understand we cannot always be up and about happy whatever life has to offer at that particular moment.

This blue mood can be helpful in a very different way. Blue is my favorite color and also the color of the sky and the sea. It must also be God’s favorite. I like to think that way he has used it so much in the Universe and perhaps beyond it. And we refer to this mood of ours as ‘blue’ why. I have no explanation. But I feel and believe in the alchemy of the blue.

Yes being in this blue transforms something deep inside to make you see life in  a new form. It alters perspectives to give you direction.  Sometimes feeling blue is a sign for you to amend something inside so that the outside changes. The outer world is the reflection of your inner world and before the inner changes; there cannot be any change in the outside.

This color of the sky is soft blue and very near to the soul, I feel. For yes Blue is my favorite color. All shades in this color tell me different tales. As a small kid I remember I would lie on the roof staring at the sky in the early morning when the darkness melted away by the new born suns’ rays.

Blue is lyrical blue is mystical blue is for sadness and ironically blue is for healing and death at the same time. But an end is always a new beginning.

Anything blue pulls me towards like a magnet and on the ropes of blue the mood swings At times I have noticed a fierce angry passion lies dormant inside the silent volcano. The explosion will let go of the angry lava and fire, the dust and ashes as it settles and gets soaked with the rains that follow a new beginning is made. Watching nature can give you an answer.

Just as a good cry will cleanse you as nothing else can. Sit down and cry your heart no need to feel ashamed it is a way to feel lighter. It is the way to heal. The world always looks different after a good cry. The world is the same but something deep inside you has changed something has been cleansed something has been washed away. The sadness might still linger, but you will definitely feel lighter and perhaps a little brighter.

So feeling blue can change, cleanse wash and heal. The alchemy seems to amaze

The alchemy ushers creativity, where songs are born, stories are told and poems unfold.

Even a simple act of walking after a good cry makes you feel the pulsating energy in mundane surroundings.

Sad lyrics touch you deeply. Sad songs are carried in hearts, because sadness stirs you like a storm slowly building the momentum. It bursts with full passion and breaks the walls of dams you might have created. Nothing remains the same. Rivers flow, rains lash, winds sweep things seem broken, but you are restored 


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