Why to fall in love 

Why to fall in love ? 

Many a times I think about this.

I have seen many boys and girls getting sucked in it 

Is it appropriate and right at this age when you are going to college ?

How many compromises and adjustments you have to make?

Saving contact number using a nick name !

Talking slowly when the phone comes 

Trying to look beautiful and doing all possible ways to look good 

Demanding new dresses,shoes,chapples jewellery, more pocket money, latest smartphone.

Definately most of the time you think more about it 

You loose your time in phone calls and conversation 

You are not able to study well because your attention is diverted 

You wander away  from your goals and ambitions. 

You start speaking lies with your parents and deceive them when they are trusting you the most.

Your life takes an unwanted turn.

I feel it’s not the right time to do it.

Stay away from it. 

Focus more on studies , your goals and ambitions ..just think about the feelings of your parents..their wishes.

Many girls and boys forget this during their college days and move in a wrong path adding misery to their lives and family too.


29 thoughts on “Why to fall in love 

    • kiranmag says:

      Yes it happens often with students like me when the atmosphere of education suddenly changes from a disciplined school to free college.

      Many students are inexperienced and the atmosphere in the college is totally different as compared to schools.

      It’s this age where the advice and views of friends seem to be more better than parents but actually it is not.

      Views and opinions expressed by parents may seem to be disliked and inappropriate but they turn be valuable in future this is what my parents have been telling me.

      Thanks for the read Pragalbha Di 😊

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  1. Goswamishivam says:

    This is the really mature thinking and real maturity because you write very well on each of the topic such like as “gagar me sagar ” bharna isi ko kehte hai. I fully agree with u such a nice post


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