Thoughts running through my mind 

​Umm, we all are used to this word and we come across this every moment or even more. But then, what’s the use of knowing something, if we don’t bother to understand. 

Guessed right?

No, not love. Its promises. Don’t we get to hear that more than often? Here and there and everywhere, its just so full of this thing, called promises. 

And something more common that we find is promises broken. 

We promise, to stay in touch after school, and who cares?

We get in to colleges in different corners of the country, and slowly the bestie tags fade away, into friends and then acquaintances. And the names keep dropping lower with every passing day, as we and up in a better sophisticated world till someday we make an eye contact during the new year’s meet and realize the prick of that one broken promise.

And why just blame besties in the name of broken promises, when there are so many?

Remember, when you said that you’ll stay here no matter what?

Um, we shouldn’t pull that out, I guess. 

‘Cause things have changed, the pages of the calender have turned and nothing is as red as it used to be. Leave alone my eyes and probably yours, and the promise which was made to break one. 


6 thoughts on “Thoughts running through my mind 

  1. wish 93 says:

    I love everything you write… The world is this way… Promises are meant to be broken, people leave us and never come back, some stick with us for their benefits and then there are some who would love us till the end..


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