Often during midnights,

My head bleeds:

Myriad thoughts

Staining the fresh pages,

Of the old diary, which has been eating dust since ages.

Painting new stories,

In sleepless strokes,

All different yet held on by that one shade of crimson.

Often during midnights,

I let my favorite singer

Sing me to sleep.

The music runs down my veins,

Eliminating dead heart ceilings.

I swipe through that one folder, titled ‘crap’

And often I wish, to rename it. 

To hide it no more.

Lips gape for no cause.

As I no more consider you a loss.

My pillows are often stained in sea water, 

Often during midnights, l walk around at the terrace, 

Looking at my feet,

Wishing my shadows, to be yours.

Often during midnights

I sit alone, in the darkest corner

Though by the window

Just to watch 

How brightly moon could shine,

And how beautifully the stars could twinkle

Giving me one last reason to survive

Often during midnights, I watch it rain, 

I let the waters slap my mind back to reality.

And still,

Often during midnights

I think about you,

Holding myself together.

Wishing the head on the other pillow

Was you. 

It continues to bleed

And often. . 

Often during midnights,

l also wish,

It was never me.


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