Dark circles 

​Dark circles? Do you know something unique about them? Unlike everything else, they don’t lie. They just can’t. 

Dark circles? Do you know how hard people try to hide them? Make up, face washes, splashes of water, dark glass eye wears.

Dark circles? Do you know why we read less about them? It’s because we are afraid that we might stumble upon something so familiar that would hit the chords untouched.

Dark circles? Do you know they are something one should be proud of? They sure make you look not so beautiful but they make you realize that you have passed yet another night and is ready for the day ahead.

Dark circles? Do you know they are a sign of hard work …studying with concentration, a sign that studies are on full swing and the efforts that you put in to achieve your career goals.

Dark circles? Do you know why people often make fun of those who walk around with these dark lines right beneath their eyes? ‘Cause they know that the person they are making fun of is a fighter and somewhere or the other way stronger than them.

Dark circles? Do you know what they are? They are more than you think. Not just a patch of grey or black but a person’s whole life, an unsolved story, an incomplete poetry.


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  1. kabiraj says:

    Last time when she saw dark spot on my neck she said, wow you have dark circle, lucky you; you can wear lots of golden necklace, I laughed out loud and said I am allergic to any type of metals

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