My mother 

Looking at you sleeping beside me 

These thoughts run in my mind 

My mother I seek my love in u ..
A love to dare 

So full of care 

In a love to never go 

In it our heart to bare ..

For you are what life is made of …

In an endurance built in so rare ..

Rearing to go in its love …

Everything in life to dare ..

Giving  everything taking Nothing 

My mother in your love everything to bear ..

In a life holding all love 

In it to capture the whole world ..

Gods love to ensnare 

In her god even dares 

In a love so unselfish 

In her love 

God takes care 

Going in his love ..

In his love  picking life in her life 

In her life god lives blissfully unaware ..

Blessed in a life …in gods care 

In her to see his mother ..

Looking through him ..

In his eyes to dare ..

I m your child you I live …

My dear mother do take care …

In your godly love 

Giving god a taste of his share …

In his love life to dare …

Because I am the love of god …

Gods look down at me 

Engulfing love in a life filled with despair 

Making a nest of life in sticks so brittle 

In to break n tare 

In the tear of life 

Never failing 


in her strength to lay down her life …

Willingly for she was made for life it alone to fare …
Was life made for her 

or was she made for life 

Life whispers to her lovingly 

Don’t leave me 

In you my life 

Lives without care 
My life 

You I cannot spare


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