Looking in the past 

​Years later

When you would  look back in past, 

When you would search for

The ones you would call yours

You will find none

You will be left alone

All alone; for once.

Years later there would be no one

To guide your way through

To walk with you on those empty streets

And none to rely on

For your multiple secret wishes.

Years later

When the sky will be clear, 

And not be dark

The grass, green

And you wouldn’t be a teen

You will not have them beside you

To hold your hand and say: 

“We’ll be there for you”.

Years later

You would realise

That nobody sticks till the end; 

But two

One is your mother

The other’s your dad

Whom you always considered untrue.

Years later, 

When you would want, 

To walk up to them, 

Hold their trembling hands, 

Kiss them and apologize, 

You will have none, 

None, I repeat, for once.

Years later, 

When your friends ditch, 

Leave you in a glitch

You would miss that comfort

Of your mother’s lap

Of your dad’s rough hands

Their valuable advice

Their hearts, melting like ice.

Years later, 

When those people close to you, 

Will part ways

With all your care gone in vain

You would miss your dad, saying

“But, none will remain”.

Years later,

When you want to be caressed, 

By your mother’s soft hands, 

You would find no one, 

‘Cause your time, 

Which was precious, 

Was never spent on “the one”.

Years later, 

When you will recall, 

How mean you had been, 

How rude you always were, 

You would realise

How they always had seen these days, 

When you would eventually get serene.

Years later, 

You will  know

what you have  done to them, 

And wouldn’t want, 

The same to happen to you, 

But again, the history will repeat,

And you’ll know, how roles change in destiny.

And then, years later, 

When you’d look back in time

When you’d search for

The ones you would call yours

You will find none, 

You will be left alone, 

All alone; for once.


3 thoughts on “Looking in the past 

  1. Idle Muser says:

    This, I must say Kiran, is your best piece till now. ❤
    My eyes had got moistened, when I was in the mid-way of the poem. It had emotions, the truth, the fact of life and I could resonate with all of it.
    Just a few corrections I would suggest, if you don't mind. That too spelling mistakes which you might have missed while being drowned in the emotions. 🙂
    One is (look BACK in time), and the other is (When you WOULD want to be caressed).

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    • kiranmag says:

      Absolutely 😊the mistakes have been rectified…I was so overfilled with emotions so I couldn’t sleep early ….I called my school friends yesterday everyone was busy in thier own life …not their mistake I am busy too…the emptiness which we feel all of a sudden can’t be described in words….there are no permanent companions other than mother father and brother …it happens in everyone’s life that time and circumstances bring an end to a relationship. …anyways it’s life…have a nice time dear Aditi 😊

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      • Idle Muser says:

        So true. They are our lifelines.
        But unfortunately, when we are let down by all other sources, only then we realize the worth of our two gems God blessed us with. Anyhow, as you said that is how life works.
        Good day, Kiran!😊

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