Things that could make you happy 

When you get up in the morning, lay there for a few minutes and feel the sunlight coming through your window.

See the sunlight streaming through the window, and listen to the morning bustle of the city around you. 

Enjoy the early morning rain looking through the window sipping warm coffee 

Smell the roses in the flower shop you pass by everyday.

Stop and pat that little puppy who seems to be struggling to get to you. 

Feel the wrinkles of the yellowed pages of old books between your fingers.

Smile at strangers who seem to be having a bad day today

 Embrace the cold wind hitting your face and feel how it sends tingles down your spine. 

Help your mother in kitchen washing and cutting vegetables giving her surprise and relief…cleaning the brass lamps of God.

Text your old school friends and ask them how they’re doing. Make your favorite snack for yourself at 2am just because you want to.

 Buy beautiful stationary that you love to keep in your bookshelf but never come around to using it.

Click pictures of pretty things even if you already have a dozen on your phone. 

At the end of the day try to see the sunset and colour of the twilight sky.Flocks of chirping birds returning to the trees.

Watch the moon dance around the clouds at night. 

Enjoy the babbling of the brook near your house. 

Try to memorize the hues of the sky at dusk. 

Watch that star twinkling at you.

Collect moments. 

Observe; reflect. 

There’s happiness hidden in everything, just waiting for you to feel it.

Wishing you all a happiness in things you do throughout the day 


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