Sunday mornings 

Sunday mornings are my favourite times ….I would like to ask …how many of you get up early?

Only if it’s exam period or college  submission work then I remain awake during nights on Saturdays too and wake up late in the morning on Sundays.

Mostly when there are no exams or submission work I sleep early on Saturday nights and wakeup early on Sundays before twilight.

After having bath.The thing which I like most to do is to go outside and collect night jasmine flowers fallen on ground…collect red hibiscus flowers as an offering for prayer.

 After that I do a bit cycling on the gliding centre ground…I love the breeze of early morning cool air on my face..I am surprised to see many old people there doing morning walk and yoga …most of them who know me smile when I look at them and I too respond them by smiling…surprisingly I see a bunch of school children walking in a line and settling on the middle of the ground.These small ones are never quite they hum even they walk.

Some of them just running ..some playing cricket ,some play football,some of them sitting in a round circle …I love to hear their humming sounds as I pass them cycling.

.It’s time when I complete 3 rounds about 6Km I see the early morning sunrays …it’s time for me to return home ..I don’t forget to take dairy milk bag as I return home. It’s my day to prepare coffee and serve it to my parents also 

How about you ? 


5 thoughts on “Sunday mornings 

    • kiranmag says:

      Thank you Supreet for stopping by …it takes time for me to adjust with a new person and you might have noted it …cycling is my favourite activity on Sundays and holidays too…it’s very beneficial to our health ..the pleasure and satisfaction attained while riding a bicycle alleviates all the stress, anxiety and depression of a person.

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      • theonlysup says:

        Don’t worry kiran . u can take time to get comfortable interacting with a person. Im always here to listen . of course heath benefits are always there in cycling .plus its fun .. I love the way u write


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